Golden root: medicinal properties, contraindications, reviews. Golden root tincture

One of the most universal medicinal plants is the golden root grass, in the scientific literature known as rhodiola rosea. The plant is used in folk cosmetology and medicine, it saves from many diseases.

Golden root is a perennial herbaceous plant that has thick rhizomes, which are surrounded by thin subordinate roots. Rhizome is distinguished by a beautiful bronze color, which is why the plant is so named. In a cut - lemon yellow. Rhodiola also has a characteristic aroma - it smells like rose oil. The taste is bitter, astringent.

Golden root

The plant has upright stems, whose height reaches 40 cm, and fleshy, oblong, light green leaves. At the top is an inconspicuous inflorescence of light yellow or greenish-yellow color.

The territory of the distribution of the rhodiola is the territory of Altai, Eastern Siberia, the Urals, it also grows in the Carpathians and the Far East. The favorite place of the grass is the mountains, rocky peaks and banks of mountain rivers. Traditional medicine uses rhizomes

of plants, peeled and crushed.

The healing properties of the golden root

The excellent stimulating effect of the golden root allows to increase the mental, physical and mental abilities of a person. Its use makes it possible to improve the memorization process, help to increase the ability to concentrate. Golden root establishes metabolic processes, promotes optimization of energy metabolism in muscles, tissues, brain.

golden root application

Also rhodiola rosea is designed to strengthen immunity, has a sedative effect and improves sleep.

Thus, Rhodiola is indicated in the following cases:

  • , if necessary, strengthen the body, improve performance;
  • in the treatment of neuroses caused by stress and fatigue;
  • for hypotension;
  • for vegetovascular dystonia;
  • for joint diseases;
  • in the treatment of diabetes mellitus.

Rhodiola is also prescribed for anemia, mental fatigue. In the latter case, the plant reduces the effect of loads on the brain and the entire body as a whole. With angina and toothache, you can rinse your mouth and throat with a decoction of the golden root, and with cuts, rancas, apply a lotion on the basis of this plant or wipe the wound zone with decoction, fast healing and lack of soreness at the same time is guaranteed.

However, you should not consider a golden cure as a panacea. Contraindications he has, like any plant. First of all, they include the intolerance of the component, which manifests itself individually. Do not use products containing Rhodiola, people who suffer from headaches and hypertension, and if there is fever. It is better not to take medications, decoctions and other medical procedures based on rhodiola rosea, if the patient has a strong emotional experience, hysterics. But after a person calms down, he rests, he can offer tea from a golden root. The drink will return forces, after all after emotional explosions their decline is noted, will help to calm down, fall asleep. Children under one year, pregnant women and nursing mothers should also not use funds based on the golden root.

The main forms of reception of rhodiola rosea

In this or that disease, various forms can be used. So, for the treatment of diabetes, anemia, with certain types of gastrointestinal diseases, neuroses, overwork and toothache use tincture from the golden root. Her preparation is as follows: the roots of the rhodiola need to be washed and dried, then chopped. Then pour a lot of vodka or alcohol and insist from 2 to 4 weeks. Specific proportions and method of administration are dictated by the nature of the disease.

golden root medicinal properties

Otherwise, the infusion is prepared: 2 tablespoons of ground root should be filled with a liter of water and boiled for 15 minutes. The resulting infusion is poured into the thermos and insists so for a day.

The decoction of rhodiola is also used. To make it, you need 1 teaspoon of grass, which is poured with 900 ml of water and boiled for 5 minutes.

It should be borne in mind that the infusion is a more concentrated form than the decoction. Therefore, the former is used in smaller doses. Decoction can replace herbal tea, because it is allowed to drink during the day.

Finally, in pharmacies you can buy a ready-to-use composition based on the golden root - its extract. It is indicated with fatigue, tonsillitis, hypotension, and also copes with sexual impotence.

Rhodiola rosea: natural antidepressant

Natural antidepressant, which is comparable in effectiveness to medicines, can become rhodiola rosea( golden root), the therapeutic properties of which are calming, suppressing depressive disorders and fatigue. The plant acts on the brain due to the release of serotonin hormones, known hormones of joy and pleasure. At the same time, there is a struggle against stress and frustration. In addition, rhodiola rosea strengthens the psycho-emotional resistance of the body, so further stresses and emotional overloads are not terrible.

golden root tincture

For the treatment of small disorders or with an excited state, tea is recommended, based on rhodiola. The golden root should be crushed and a teaspoon of grass pour a liter of boiling water. Then broth should be boiled for 10 minutes and let it brew for an hour. Ready tea is filtered and consumed 2-3 times a day. If desired, you can put a spoonful of honey or lemon in the tea.

In addition to antidepressant, calming effect, tea based on rhodiola will save from digestive disorders, will have a tonic effect for colds.

Rhodiola rosea: remedy for hypotension

Hypotension, or low blood pressure, can act as a major disease or become a consequence of a disease. Doctor's consultations and examination will help to establish the root cause and prescribe treatment. However, along with drugs that increase blood pressure, it may be effective to take such a remedy as tincture on the golden root. The natural components that make up its composition minimize the appearance of an allergic reaction.

gold root instructions

For its preparation you will need a golden root, vodka or alcohol. First you need to make a blank. Wash and chop the golden root, the preparation should be 50-60 gr. It is poured ½ liter of vodka or alcohol. The future tincture should be shaken and placed for 2 weeks in a dark place. After the specified period, the tincture is again shaken, filtered.

Tincture of a golden root on vodka is applied on a floor of a teaspoon 2 times a day. The treatment course is at least 2 weeks.

Rhodiola rosea: joint treatment

Joint diseases form a fairly large group. Each of them has its own symptoms and causes. However, the unifying factor is acute joint pain, decreased motor activity of a person. It is clear that only the doctor will be able to diagnose the diagnosis, he will also prescribe the treatment.

Traditional medicine for the treatment of joints recommends the use of a golden root. The responses of those who followed the advice are impressive: after the first use, the pain subsides, and the movement becomes much easier. And with the regular use of natural remedies, problems with joints go away forever.

For the treatment of joints, both external and internal gold root are used. The application of the external implies the imposition of compresses and rubbing on the painful areas. For them, you need to prepare a tincture: grind 40 grams of rhodiola, and then pour the resulting gruel ½ liter of alcohol. The tincture is aged in the dark for 3 weeks.

Tincture rubs joints, making massage movements. You must feel the warmth. After you can cover the crushed part of the body with a cotton cloth, and on top of it lay a woolen one. This will provide a warming effect, will enhance the therapeutic effect.

As a compress all the same tincture is used. It must be saturated, and very thoroughly, a gauze napkin that is folded several times. Then the compress is applied to the diseased joints, the bandage is tightly fixed, covered with a warm cloth. After 2 hours, the compress is removed.

Rubbing and compresses should be done daily. It is better to perform the procedures before bedtime, so that the joints are in a relaxed position, and the warmed limbs do not catch cold.

In parallel with rubbing and compresses of tincture, which is based on the golden root, its application is also necessary internally. Take 2 teaspoons 3 times a day before meals. Therapeutic course is a month.

Osteochondrosis is also a type of joint disease, which is a displacement of intervertebral discs. Treatment of osteochondrosis should be entrusted to a doctor who will prescribe medications in combination with exercise therapy. However, the disease is extremely painful, which can be removed by the golden root. It is recommended to treat painful places with tincture from the golden root. Do not do strong movements in this case, so as not to aggravate the disease.

Rhodiola rosea: treatment of diabetes

The disease, which is characterized by insulin deficiency, is called diabetes mellitus. Treatment involves compensation for impaired metabolism, in particular, a violation of carbohydrate deficiency. Treatment is carried out by means of official medicine, the doctor appoints a complex of sugar-reducing drugs, a special diet and other procedures. As an auxiliary tool, the golden root is used. The instruction of its application in this case is as follows: connect 1 tablespoon of ground rhodiola pink roots and blueberry leaves. The billet is poured 400 ml of boiled water and infused for at least 3 hours. Apply a remedy for ½ cup 2 times a day before eating.

There is another recipe, in which the golden root is used, the tincture of the plant in particular. You can buy it in a pharmacy or prepare yourself in the manner described above.

So, you should pour 5 dried laurel leaves ½ liter of boiling water. The broth should be infused for 4 hours, after which it must be filtered. Then 1 tablespoon of tincture based on rhodiola is added to it.

The obtained composition is consumed 3 times a day, a single dose is 0.3 cups of decoction.

Rhodiola rosea: treatment of the cardiovascular system

In the treatment of many cardiovascular diseases, a golden root can be used as an additional remedy, the therapeutic properties of which have a beneficial effect on the heart. This is due to the special substance contained in the plant - glycoside. It positively affects the heart, increasing the rest period of the heart muscle and increasing its contraction. Such optimization of the cardiac cycle is what is needed in the treatment of most heart diseases.

The popularity of rhodiola as an additional way of treating the heart is explained by the fact that it improves the rhythm, but it is completely harmless.

So, for the treatment of tachycardia, that is, heart palpitations, phytotea are shown, based on the golden root. Recipes for such teas may be as follows:

  • Collection with Melissa, St. John's wort and Rhodiola. First of all, prepare and mix tea components. They are taken in the following proportions: 1 tablespoon ground rhodiola root, 2 tablespoons herb yarrow, melissa leaves and St. John's wort leaves. The workpiece is thoroughly mixed, after which 1 tablespoon of herbs is taken from it, which is poured with 400 ml of boiled water. Then the broth is insisted for 3-4 hours. Drink this "medicine" in small sips once a day in a volume of 100 ml.
  • Collection with rhodiola and hawthorn. It is necessary to take 1 tablespoon of premade ground rhodiola root, 3 tablespoons melissa and hawthorn fruit. Then each component should be filled with a glass of boiling water( 180-200 ml) and infused for 4 hours. The final stage is the mixing of all individual broths. The received drink should be consumed 2 times a day for 200 ml. It is better to do this between meals.

Rhodiola rosea: treatment of atherosclerosis

Rhodiola rosea is actively used to treat atherosclerosis. The disease is a chronic ailment, in which the walls of the vessels are covered with special deposits - atherosclerotic plaques, which over time cover the lumen of the vessel.

The use of rhodiola by patients with atherosclerosis leads to some improvement in the condition, contributes to a decrease in the formation of plaques on the walls of the vessels.

As a medicine, teas are used based on the golden root. Take 2 tablespoons of the crushed roots of this plant and crushed dried yarrow leaves and 1 tablespoon herb horsetail, hawthorn flowers, mistletoe grass, white. All components should be thoroughly mixed to obtain a uniform mixture. Then 1 tablespoon dry collection pour a glass of boiling water. After a 2-hour infusion, the tea is filtered. The resulting drink should be drunk in small sips throughout the day. The course of treatment with this decoction is 1.5 - 2 months, after which a break of 1-2 months should be followed.

Easier to prepare, but no less effective collection: for it you need to take 2 tablespoons of chopped golden root, St. John's wort, as well as 1 tablespoon of yarrow herb. All components are poured into a glass of boiled water and infused for 3 hours. The filtered broth is ready for use, it should be consumed within a day.

Rhodiola rosea: treatment of impotence

Rhodiola rosea is another remarkable feature - it is able to cope with such a male disease as impotence. Thus, the golden root for men is an amazing, effective and natural way to solve problems of an intimate nature. The action of the golden root is aimed at improving the activity of the sex glands. In addition, the plant is able to cope with diseases of the genitourinary system in men. To increase the potency, a golden root is also shown, which tincture is much more effective than tinctures from the root of ginseng.

The tincture is prepared as follows: 30 gr.root rhodiola, washed and chopped, poured vodka in a volume of 300 ml. After this, tincture should be given time to infuse in a dark cool place - usually it takes 2-3 weeks. After the specified time tincture is ready for use. It is necessary to use 25 drops of a tincture of a golden root 3 times a day. The treatment course is 15 days.

Rhodiola rosea: to enhance the immunity of

Rhodiola rosea is also used to protect immunity, which contributes to the body's protective reactions and its resistance to aggressive media. In addition, the plant gives strength, so it is recommended in the form of broths in the postoperative period or at the time of recovery after a serious illness. In addition to protection, rhodiola improves the general condition, gives the forces that are so necessary for recovery. In addition, the patient improves his mood, which also "works" for a speedy recovery.

gold root blank

To prepare a true "decoction of health", based on rhodiola rosea, it is necessary to pour its crushed rhizomes. The weight of the resulting raw materials is 20 g. Then it should be filled with 200 ml of boiling water. The broth should be infused for 25 minutes. After which it can be filtered and drunk.3 times a day for 30 minutes before meals in the amount of 150 ml.

Rhodiola rosea: treatment of gastric diseases

Gastrointestinal diseases occur in every second inhabitant of the city, and there is a tendency to rejuvenate the disease. Today it is found in most schoolchildren.

Treatment of herbal diseases of this group, such as gastritis, pancreatitis, ulcers of the duodenum, is not always possible. However, taking some of them is able to calm the pain, restore the microflora. These properties have a golden root. In addition, it helps to heal ulcers, which, together with proper nutrition, can become a panacea for the disease.

For gastritis and ulcers it is recommended to use a plant that is water-based, in other words - teas and decoctions. The recipe for cooking is extremely simple: 2 tablespoons chopped rhodiola rhizomes are poured with 400 grams of boiling water and insist for 3 hours. Drink the broth in small sips throughout the day. The received volume of broth is calculated for a day.

Rhodiola rosea: treatment of children

Special attention is always paid to methods of treatment and medicines that are intended for use by children. As for the golden root, it can be safely used as wound-healing rubbing and compresses for children. With toothache and sore throat, you can also rinse the throat and oral cavity with a decoction of the golden root. But the reception of formulations based on this plant should be carried out only after consultation with the pediatrician and a narrower specialist. So, for example, if a child has gastritis, then before using rhodiola, consult a pediatrician and gastroenterologist. In addition, children up to a year receiving the golden root is internally banned.

Rhodiola rosea for general recovery

In addition to the treatment of specific diseases, rhodiola rosea has been used since ancient times as a preventive and general health product. It restores the body, increases the ability of immunity to resist the environment, gives courage. To make this truly "living water", take 1 part of the chopped rhodiola and pour it with 10 parts of vodka. The composition should be kept in a dark place for 14 days, periodically, every 3-4 days, shaking the bottle. After the specified time tincture is filtered, and it is ready for use.

grass golden root

Apply the drug 3 times a day for a teaspoon before eating. In the event that you have a worse sleep, there is insomnia, cancel the evening reception of the rhodiola.

Instead of afterword

Thus, Rhodiola rosea is a powerful broad-spectrum medicinal plant. It has a stimulating, revitalizing, healing effect. Not many people know that a weak decoction of the golden root is used to treat wounds, cuts, and they rinse their throat with angina.

People have corrected their health using the golden root. The healing properties, the feedback about which is the confirmation, are impressive. Everyone who used a natural remedy claims that after the first days of the application there comes an improvement, pain and anxiety recede. And after the course of phytoprocedures, noticeable improvement and improvement of the organism as a whole is felt.