What does chicken pox look like in children and adults? How do the chickenpox look at the initial stage?

Clearly imagine what the initial phase of chickenpox looks like - it means to detect the disease in time and start treatment, which, by the way, is very important for adults who suffer the disease especially hard.

In this article, we will consider the causes of chickenpox, its symptoms and possible complications, to help readers understand the insidious and far from safe disease. what does chickenpox look like

What is chickenpox

Before telling how the rash looks like with chickenpox, let's remember what the disease is and how it occurs.

Chickenpox( or, in a different way, chicken pox) is named so because it infects it almost instantly, and it flows mostly easily. In medicine, this disease is attributed to anthropogenic( that is, found only in humans), highly infectious infections.

How pimples look like with chickenpox

The main sign of this ailment is a bubble rash( probably everyone knows what a pimple chickenpox looks like).A pathogen - a representative of the family herpesvirus, herpes Zoster, able to move with air currents over long distances.

This disease is transmitted by airborne droplets, and in humans, once it has been transferred to the virus, life-long immunity is produced. By the way, the sick person is infectious two days before the rash appeared, and four - after the "birth" of the last speck on the body.

Who can get chickenpox?

By the way, chicken pox has several stages, separated by a time interval, which can sometimes be tens of years.

The primary infection is easily picked up by both the child and the adult who has not been sick with chicken pox. By the way, in the latter the disease is much heavier.

It is also very difficult for babies( they are rarely infected, mostly in utero, if the mother picked up the infection in the last week before childbirth).But most often, children between the ages of four and seven are infected.

How does the beginning chickenpox

? As a rule, the disease begins acutely. Before that, the patient has an incubation period of 1.5-3 weeks, which does not manifest itself at all. But then the infected person suddenly has a fever, he feels weak, a headache, a feeling in the lower back. However, there are still no rashes on the body and mucous membranes. She will appear in a couple of days and can arise on any site, even among the hair on her head.

What does the beginning of chickenpox look like? This, perhaps, is known to everyone: first, chickenpox is similar to pink or reddish spots, with clear boundaries that quickly become swollen, rising above the skin. A few hours later they are already "decorated" with transparent bubbles, outlined by a reddish-pink rim, filled with liquid. what a rash like chickenpox looks like

The next stage of the disease

Within a few days you can see how the chickenpox looks after "ripening".After all, the rash itself is a specific reaction of the organism to a virus that has got into the bloodstream. And, by the way, in rare cases, it can be invisible, which greatly complicates the diagnosis, and the patient is still infectious anyway.

Bubbles on acne fairly quickly burst, and after five to eight days in their place already appear dry crusts, which eventually disappear. However, it must be recalled that the elements of the rash do not all appear simultaneously, but with one-, two-day intervals, which leads to the presence on the skin of all the stages of the eruption: spots, nodules, and vesicles and crusts.

How to recover

To better understand how chickenpox looks in adults and children, it is worth remembering about another feature of the disease: if the infected patient has a strong immune system, then within a week recovery begins. This is expressed in the fact that the infected person no longer has new rashes, but the general condition improves.

Although, it must be said that the virus that caused chickenpox is fixed for life in the human nerve cells, and this can, by the way, cause in time a secondary acute stage of the described disease. what does chickenpox look like in adults

Secondary acute stage of chickenpox

If the carrier of the virus has weakened immunity or its nervous system undergoes frequent stresses, the virus Varicella Zoster( another name for the causative agent of chicken pox) can manifest itself again.

Let's clarify what a chickenpox looks like in such cases. The places of eruptions this time directly depend on which particular nerve was struck most: as a rule, this is the area under the armpits or the stomach. This disease is called shingles.

However, nothing can ever arise on the skin, and the process is limited only by painful sensations along the nerve path. Such symptoms are especially frequent in elderly people.

Doctors warn that the patient during the secondary rash, as in the case with primary chickenpox, remains infectious.

Chickenpox can be complicated by a skin infection

You already know how the chickenpox looks when you have chickenpox, in addition, you know that they are very itchy. Both children and adults when combing them can enter into the wound secondary infection, which is contained under the nails or on the skin( by the way, that's why kids are advised to shorten the marigold during the disease).

As a rule, in most cases this complicates the course of the disease, lengthens the healing time and makes the general condition of the infected more severe. And the most serious outcome of a secondary infection can be sepsis - a life-threatening pathology.

what a chicken pox looks like

Complications of chickenpox

About 5% of cases of this disease go through with complications. As mentioned above, chickenpox is most severe in patients with poor immunity, as well as in infants and patients after 12 years. How does chickenpox look like in such situations?

There are about 200 types of complications of this virus. And this is only in the field of the nervous system! And the skin, lungs, and other internal organs can be affected. In these, small necrotic foci are formed with peripheral hemorrhages.

Chickenpox pneumonia

Now let's look at how chickenpox is complicated by pneumonia. As a rule, this pathology is more often observed in adolescents, adult patients with primary infection, in pregnant women.

This phenomenon is rather difficult to diagnose, since the signs for a long time can not be manifested, and the pathology is detected only with X-ray examination.

The main symptom of this phenomenon is shortness of breath, chest pain and weakness, and in severe cases - sputum containing blood. This disease does not lend itself to antibiotic therapy, which greatly complicates its treatment.

Hemorrhagic chickenpox

. As the stain of chickenpox looks during its normal course, you already imagine, and if the entire acute period in the rash contains the syphilis and the skin is "decorated" with bruises, you can suspect a severe form of hemorrhagic chickenpox. Her additional symptoms include nasal bleeding and vomiting with blood.

what the symptoms of chickenpox look like

Such cases require compulsory medical care, since the risk of internal bleeding and, as a consequence, death is very high.

Visceral chickenpox

How does the rash with chickenpox look in the case of its visceral variety? This complication is a lesion that occurs on the mucous membranes of the internal organs of a person. Rashes are quite similar to those that appear on the skin.

Most often, such a pathology occurs in infants and in patients with particularly weakened immunity. It is dangerous that the lethality with this diagnosis is quite high. The outcome of the disease directly depends on the extent of the lesion and on its timely diagnosis.

What chickenpox looks like: what factors increase the risk of complications

The above complications of chickenpox are rare, but they should be remembered, since they tend to have a very severe course and can even lead to death. And the greatest risk of a complicated course of the disease is in elderly patients, especially in male patients.

By the way, children who have contracted from their family members are usually sicker than those who are infected outside the home. And in pregnant women, in those rare cases when they are infected with chickenpox, the risk of life-threatening pneumonia is greatly increased.

how does a pimple chicken pox look like

Let's sum it up!

From all that has been said, you probably realized that to chickenpox, as, indeed, to any other disease, you can not be taken lightly. To avoid serious consequences, it is important to know what the chickenpox looks like, what its symptoms are and what you can expect from it. And it is best not to wait for the onset of the disease, but to do the vaccine in time, which will help to avoid it or significantly weaken the course of the infection. Be healthy!