How to treat stomatitis in a child at home. Nature of the disease

Pediatric stomatitis

The first stage of stomatitis in children is characterized by such symptoms: fever, general weakness and a sharp decrease in appetite. The mucous membrane of the tongue becomes reddish, shiny. The second stage is the formation of whitish plaque in a language that can turn into micro-sores, causing unbearable pain to the child( this is the third stage).

how to treat stomatitis Specificity and types of stomatitis

The essence of the disease is irritation of the oral mucosa. The causes of the occurrence can be both infectious and immune. In the first case, caused, for example, by the fact that the child took something dirty in his mouth, viral stomatitis occurs. In the second, the disease manifests itself due to the weakening of immunity. Most often, this is caused by taking antibiotics during the treatment period or by negative environmental factors. viral stomatitis Candida fungi that cause candidiasis can infect a viral infection. How to treat stomatitis of this type? There are many drugs produced

by pharmacological firms. They passed the checks and proved their effectiveness. A common disease can develop into a herpetic variety. In this case, the temperature will rise to 40 degrees and there will appear small bubbles bursting and leaving behind red spots( ulcers).Hospitalization may be required.

Treatment of stomatitis

How to treat stomatitis if it lasts for a long period( for example, aphthous species)?Many parents resort to folk medicine at home. This is a rather dangerous and inefficient way. The most correct decision will be a trip to the children's dentist who will put the correct diagnosis and prescribe the treatment.

Recommendations for home treatment

At home, you need to monitor the proper nutrition of the child. Experts advise not to abuse the amount of food. But how to treat stomatitis without an integrated diet? The task here is to remove the toxin from the body, so you can indulge the child's desire to "not eat vegetables," but at the same time give him a well-processed and wiped food, preferably not hot and not cold, but moderately warm. Also suitable are juices, vegetarian type soups and soft-boiled eggs. To reduce pain, anti-inflammatory ointment from stomatitis should be used.

ointment from stomatitis Abundant drink is extremely necessary for mucosal diseases. To drink it is better through a tubule. Traditional medicine also offers an option how to treat stomatitis with the help of rinses. For this purpose, various mixtures of substances are suitable, including a solution of hydrogen peroxide, a mixture of carrot and cabbage juice with water, curdled milk, yogurt mixed with grated garlic, or a tincture of propolis.

Clinical treatment of

General clinical treatment of stomatitis is reduced to three consecutive phases. In the first anesthesia of the injured area is carried out, for example, "Lidochlor" -gel. The second phase includes the treatment of affected areas with antiseptics, antifungal and antibacterial agents. Moreover, the healthy tissue surrounding the infected part is also captured( to stop the spread of the disease).The final stage is to accelerate the processes of skin repair on the mucosa. Vinilin ointment can be used for these purposes.