The drug "Glycine": reviews and applications

The drug "Glycine" refers to a group of drugs that directly affect metabolic processes. The main active substance is the amino acid glycine, which is felt in the normalization of processes in the tissues of the spinal cord and brain. The medicine has powerful antioxidant and antitoxic properties. glycine reviews

Foma of the release and analogues of the drug "Glycine"

Patients' comments indicate the relief of the condition after taking the medication. The product is in the form of tablets, which should be placed under the tongue before resorption( Western species - in capsules).To drugs that have a similar effect, include drugs "Fenibut", "Tenoten", "Memcidol", "Glitsid", "Parkon", "Enerion."

Indications and contraindications for taking the drug "Glycine"

The patients' comments say that the medicine quickly removes the state of increased emotionality, it should be taken to people with increased nervous excitability. Also, the medication is prescribed for various forms and intensity of stress

, for insomnia and mental stress. glycine action The drug is used after a craniocerebral injury or stroke in a rehabilitation period. Since the drug "Glycine", reviews about which are completely favorable, has sparing properties, then for its use, there are practically no contraindications. The exception is the individual non-acceptance of individual components of the drug.

Side effect and overdose of the drug "Glycine"

The patients' reviews practically do not contain information on possible negative manifestations during the period of taking the medication. In general, the drug is well tolerated by all patients. Side effects include allergic reactions that pass very quickly and do not require a change in the drug. There have been no cases of overdose.

How to take Glycine?

how to take glycine For treatment, it is necessary to put the tablet under the tongue. Children are prescribed one pill three times a day. This makes it possible to increase efficiency, increase concentration and promote the development of children's memory. For the treatment of organic and functional lesions of the nervous system, one should take half of the pill during the crescent. The daily dose for adults depends on the symptoms and nature of the pathology and is determined by the doctor. Do not take the medicine at the same time with barbiturates, antidepressants, anticonvulsant and antipsychotic drugs, because the action of glycine inhibits their activity.

Preparation "Glycine": feedback from

Many patients find the product to be sufficiently productive and regularly used to relieve tension, stress and to speed up falling asleep. Students and students take pills during the session and examinations, because they believe that the medicine enhances mental abilities. Children are recommended to reduce their emotional state. Some patients say that after taking the pills they did not notice any result. Based on the information received, it can be concluded that the drug "Glycine" acts selectively, and it can not be considered a panacea for all diseases.

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