Vitamins "Pentovit" - healthy hair and skin

Description and form of release

Vitamins "Pentovit" are a multivitamin drug aimed at increasing the immunity and general tone of the body, normalizing the metabolism and replenishment of the relative or absolute deficiency of B vitamins. The drug is produced, usually in the form of tablets, in packsfor fifty or one hundred pieces.

vitamins pentovit

Composition of the drug

Vitamins "Pentovit" contain vitamin B6, vitamin B1, PP, B9, B12.

Pharmacological action

Useful effect of this drug is due to the healing properties of the elements that make up its composition. In particular, vitamin B1 has a stimulating effect on the process of transmission of neuromuscular impulses. Substance B6 promotes the production of neurotransmitters necessary for the proper functioning of the nervous system, as well as for protein, fat and carbohydrate metabolism. A useful effect of the drug is due to other components. Vitamin B9 provides the production of nucleic acids and erythrocytes, increases immunity, stimul

ates the female reproductive function, improves the activity of the bone marrow. Element B12 has a beneficial effect on liver function and blood clotting, triggers the process of producing amino acids and positively affects the nervous system. Vitamin PP is responsible for the regulation of lipid and carbohydrate metabolism, the organization of tissue respiration. Due to this composition vitamins "Pentovit" effectively fill the deficiency of these elements and nutrients, maintain immunity and restore metabolic processes.

Indications and contraindications for the use of

The intake of this drug is prescribed most often for the prevention of a deficiency of various minerals of group B. In addition, vitamins "Pentovit" are used in the complex treatment of diseases of the nervous system( neuralgia, radiculitis, neuritis), asthenic conditions of various nature( infections,severe diseases, stress).The drug is also advisable to take in the presence of skin diseases, peeling, zaedah in the corners of the lips.

pentovit from acne

Cosmetic effect

Vitamins "Pentovit" are effective from acne and various rashes in young girls and boys. In this case, it is prescribed as an auxiliary medication that helps improve the skin condition. Finally, the "Pentovit" preparation for hair is useful, since the components contained in it prevent them from falling out and help strengthen hair follicles. The main contraindication for taking this drug is the individual intolerance of trace elements, which are included in its composition.

Instruction for use

As a rule, prescribe this multivitamin complex for oral administration of one or two tablets right after meals three times a day. The course of treatment is usually two to four weeks. To begin to accept these vitamins it is possible repeatedly only after preliminary consultation with the attending physician. With diseases of the nervous system, four tablets are prescribed three times a day for three to four weeks.

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