How many calories should I eat per day? Calories per day for women and men

Food gives the human body the necessary energy. Depending on the individual characteristics, you can calculate how many calories you need to eat per day and choose the best food for your diet.

Where do calories go?

Each body needs its "portion" of calories, which depends on lifestyle, gender and age. In doing different things, a person spends a certain amount of calories. The load can be not only physical. Even in a state of complete rest, the third part of all energy is expended on the production of heat, the metabolism, and the pumping of blood through the vessels. For a cheerful mood and a beautiful waist, you need to calculate calories per day.

How many calories should I eat per day?

Thanks to an active lifestyle and constant sport activities, fats and carbohydrates are being consumed in greater quantities. For example, for an hour of running you can lose 530-540 calories. If there is no time for morning runs, then you need to walk as much as possible. On the day a person should walk at least 6 km to keep fit and good mood.

Overcoming this path requires 220-230 calories and one hour of time.

Overeating threatens not only problems with the stomach, but also overweight. The subcutaneous layer of fat is an extra energy that the body did not have time to spend. Knowing which norm of calories per day is necessary for a particular person, one can not be afraid of a sagging belly and sides.

Learning to count calories

Getting rid of excess pounds is better to start by reviewing what lies in the refrigerator and is used every day. The number of calories per 100 g is indicated on the packages of all products. For convenience, you can start a notebook in which you need to record the time, type and volume of the eaten. Producing calculation of calories per day , everything is taken into account, even the smallest candy. Using kitchen scales, you need to weigh vegetables, fruits, cereals, meat. If the product without a label on which there is information about the energy value, then the necessary information can be easily found on the expanses of online magazines on proper nutrition.

calorie norm per day

Calculating calories in soups or salads is quite simple. Each ingredient should be weighed separately on a scale and recorded results. Then, using the calorie table, calculate the necessary figures. For example, in 100 g of raw potatoes 77 calories, and in 750 g - 577.5.When heat treated, cereals and pasta increase in weight, so the calculation is carried out on a dry product.

How to calculate the required number of calories per day?

In order not to harm your own figure, you need to know how many calories you need to consume. In a day for each person there is a norm. The statistics say that 2000 calories are the average need, that is, the calories needed. In a day you can use no more than the specified rate, then the waist will retain the previous volumes. In fact, this figure is not true enough. To determine the calorie requirement per day for men and women of different ages and weight categories, you can use the special Harrison-Benedict formula:

Women: 650+( 9.6 × weight, kg) +( 1.8 × height) -4,7( age)

Men: 60+( 13.7 × kg) +( 5 × height) -6.8( age)

The figure should be multiplied by a factor that is individual and depends on activity during the day:

  • Rare lessonssports or a sedentary lifestyle - 1,2;
  • Visits to the gym 2-3 times a week - 1.375;
  • Regular physical activity 4-5 times a week -1.55;
  • Professional training every day - 1.7;
  • Classes 2 times a day( or hard physical work) - 1,9.

How many calories should I eat per day for weight loss?

To lose weight, you need to reduce the amount of energy consumed with food. But this does not mean that you need to starve! Nutritionists recommend no more than a 20% reduction in the level of daily replenishment of energy reserves. For example, if the result of the formula calculation is 1500, it is safe to reduce to 1200 calories per day. The menu should be most useful and contain fresh vegetables, fruits, protein. By making the correct calculation of calories burned per day, an approximate plan of products is made.

1200 calories per menu

If the weight significantly exceeds the norm, then the food must be radically changed and constantly monitor the daily calories. Restriction in food at first will cause a feeling of hunger. Gradually the body will get used to perestroika, and the extra pounds will go away. It is important to give the body a physical load: classes in the gym, aerobics, running, riding a bicycle. If you spend more calories than consume, the result will not be long in coming.

Menu for 1200 calories per day

This amount is considered optimal for weight loss without harming the woman's body. The received energy will be enough to support the work of the body, and the feeling of hunger will not chase all the time. Counting the amount of fuel eaten, you need to write everything in a notebook or notebook.

First of all we "break" into several parts 1200 calories. On the day the menu is usually divided into 5 meals( every 3-4 hours).Variant of daily ration:


  • Oatmeal with raisins on water - 200 g;
  • Tea without sugar


  • Salad of cucumbers and tomatoes, dressed with olive oil - 150 g;
  • Low fat kefir - 200 ml;


  • Vegetable soup or borsch( can be on low fat broth) - 1 plate;
  • Rye bread - 1 piece;


  • Apple( banana);
  • Yoghurt( tea);


  • Boiled potatoes( in the uniform) - 2 pcs.;
  • Vegetable salad - 150 g;
  • Kefir( tea).

Ingredients can be selected according to taste preferences within 1200 calories.

How many calories does a woman need?

The female half of the population more closely monitors the consumed products and their quality than men. Thanks to this vigilance of sagging sides, you can avoid and prevent a shortage of vitamins. The daily ration of a woman should consist of foods that leave a feeling of satiety for a long time. All the calories eaten per day for a woman should not "float" with an orange peel. You can, of course, afford a piece of cake or a few chocolates, but more will bring freshly squeezed juice or yoghurt-filled muesli. You can create a suitable diet with the help of a dietitian, who will take into account all the necessary requirements of the body, depending on age and weight.

Calculation of calories per day

Girls in adolescence need as much as possible useful products, from which energy will go to the process of body growth and mental work. The norm of calories consumed per day from 2700 to 2800. After 25 years, the amount of energy needed to reduce and the daily diet can be reduced to 1800-2000.Using the formula to calculate, you can know exactly how many calories a day is required for a woman of a certain age and activity level.

Calories and Pregnancy

During the gestation of a child, a woman's body needs constant feeding, but "eating for two" is not necessary. The quality of nutrition depends on the health of the future mother and baby. Therefore, it is necessary to know how many calories to consume per day. The regime in the first months of an interesting situation is not much different from the usual routine. Therefore, calories are consumed at the same rate as before. Calculating the daily rate, you need to take into account the body mass index( BMI), weight and activity. The mass index is calculated by the formula:

BMI = weight( kg) / height( m2)

necessary calories per day

The normal value is between 18.5 and 25. With these values, the daily ration of a pregnant woman should consist of 2400-2800 calories. Accordingly, if the index is higher than normal, then the amount of food consumed must be reduced so as not to gain extra pounds. Thin girls with insufficient body weight can increase the amount of calories to 3200-3400 per day.

How many calories does a man need per day?

The male body always needs more energy than women. This is due to body weight and rapid metabolism. The nutrition of a man should be nourishing and useful for the proper functioning of the internal organs. Daily diet of a man who goes to the gym 2 times a week, should consist of 2500-2800 calories. Depending on the loads, this value may vary in greater or lesser extent. To find out how many calories a day a man should consume, you can use the same system.

how many calories a day a man

For weight loss it is necessary to calculate and reduce the specific rate per day, using the Harrison-Benedict formula. Weight loss for a man can be up to 4 kg with a correctly drawn up menu, in which the consumption of calories per day will decrease. We will have to give up harmful preservatives and alcohol. The latter, by the way, also contains calories, but there is no benefit to them from the body. In beer, for example, contains 42 calories per 100 grams, and in vodka -270 calories.

Nutrition for body drying for men

The protein diet is aimed at getting rid of fats and reducing carbohydrates. Due to this, the beer belly gradually degenerates into a press. To build a muscular corset, you need to include more protein food in the daily menu. In addition, the body needs vitamins and trace elements.

calorie intake per day

Calculate the amount of the basic "building" element is simple: 1 kg of body weight is needed for 1 kg of body weight. In the morning, you need to eat porridge( buckwheat, oatmeal) on the water, seasoned with a teaspoon of honey. From fruits you can eat an apple or a banana. For the second breakfast - syrniki and a glass of drinking yogurt. Lunch should consist of soup on the chicken breast and a second dish, for example, stew potatoes. But the afternoon snack is cottage cheese and tea. Supper can be made from boiled( parsed) dietary meat and vegetable salad. The number of calories per day is calculated by weight and age. After 2 months of the protein diet, the result will be noticeable.