Chills without fever - causes

Almost every person has ever felt cold, muscle spasms, trembling in the body, "goose bumps".Often chills without fever causes these symptoms. This condition is due to various reasons.

chills without fever

Subcooling - the cause number 1

The most common chill without temperature is due to hypothermia. In this case, doctors recommend that you hold respiratory gymnastics and drink such sedatives, like motherwort infusions and valerian. Chills at high pressure indicate the presence of such a dangerous disease as hypertension. This disease can even lead to a stroke. If the chills are accompanied by headache, weakness, loss of appetite, then, most likely, you have malaria. Usually, this ailment occurs after visiting exotic countries.

Diabetes mellitus and hyperthyroidism - the cause number 2

Constant chills, manifested in women, can be caused by climacteric syndrome. How to alleviate the situation in this situation knows the doctor-gynecologist. However, specialists state that similar symptoms a

re manifested in hyperthyroidism and diabetes mellitus. Therefore, if you experience any of the above symptoms, you should immediately seek help from a doctor.

nausea and chills

Digestive system - the cause number 3

In the case of a digestive disorder, nausea and chills occur. It should be noted that each organism reacts in its own way. Someone is nauseous and febrile, and someone feels a slight dizziness, and some almost do not feel any discomfort. Therefore, if intestinal infection gets into the body, you should visit a doctor, since it is not always chills without fever - a manifestation of digestive system disorders.

Thyroid - cause # 4

Constant chills can occur if the thyroid gland function decreases. A healthy thyroid gland secretes hormones involved in the thermoregulation of the body. With a decrease in its function, the amount of hormones released decreases, and the person begins to experience a constant sense of cold. In this case, doctors recommend:

  1. Do not use iodine, since it is able to completely block the thyroid gland.
  2. To pass the analysis on revealing of hormones. If their number is insufficient, you should drink the appropriate drugs. constant chills

Infection - the cause number 5

Most often, chills occur when the infection enters the body. As a result, substances are formed that promote the passage of blood inside the vessels into a hot state. Subsequently, the fever without temperature is transformed into a fever with a high body temperature.

Raynaud's Disease is the No. 6 cause of

The most common chill is associated with a disease such as Raynaud's disease. This ailment manifests itself in the form of a periodic spasm of the vessels of the hands. In this case, you should:

  1. Keep your hands from the cold, keeping them warm all the time.
  2. Use special thermocouples. For example, heat these improvised products in a microwave oven and put them in the mittens.
  3. To carry out botox injections.

Since chills without fever are a sign of numerous serious ailments, when it occurs, immediately consult a doctor.