Papilloma - what is it and how to get rid of it?

A person usually comes into the world with absolutely pure infant skin. However, in the process of life, he can acquire a variety of marks. Most often a person encounters the formation of moles and various pigmented spots. It is worth noting that some of them appear only a few months after birth.

Also a person can have warts. In this article we will talk about education called "papilloma."What is it, you will learn further. Also worth mentioning about the types of this build-up. You can find out in what ways you can eliminate such an unpleasant pathology.

papilloma what is it

Human papilloma: what is it?

Papilloma( condyloma or wart) can be called an education that appears on the skin or mucous membrane during life. It is worth noting that it does not arise for nothing. There is always a pathogen. In some people, it is present in the body since birth and manifests itself with the slightest decrease in immunity.

Most often, the papilloma( what kind of education, you'll find out later) does not manifest itsel

f in any way. Many women and men find out about such a growth quite by accident. Often this pathological mole is taken for a wart.

Types of papillomas are different. Some of them are absolutely safe for humans, while others can develop into malignant formations. That's why it's so important to remove the build-up in time.

Types of papillomas

So, you have a papilloma. What kind of growth is this and what virus is it caused by? However, in appearance and location you can guess the nature of the disease. So, what kind of papilloma can there be? What it is? A photo of education for clarity is presented in the article.

Simple warts

Such formations are also called vulgar papillomas. Most often they appear on the neck, hands, knees and fingers of people. Education is not very large. Usually they are like small balls with a leg. In some cases, such papillomas can merge into groups. Usually they do not carry any danger to their master. However, medicine knows cases when vulgar papilloma( which you already know) developed into a malignant tumor.

Plantar warts

It is worth saying that the human papilloma virus( which we have already examined) has several types. This type of formation is caused by a combination of several strains. Such a papilloma is formed solely on the area of ​​the sole and in some cases delivers a special discomfort. There is no danger of education. Most often it disappears on its own with a change of season or with an increase in the body's immune defenses.

human papillomavirus is what it is

Flat warts

These formations most often appear on the back of the palm and foot. This human papilloma virus is caused by the third and tenth strain. Most often, such formations do not have legs and fit tightly to the skin, acquiring a solid color. Many patients complain of pain, itching and burning in the area of ​​the wart.

Threadlike warts

Such formations are often age-related. The virus lives in the human body all the time, but sleeps. With the change in the hormonal background, the growth of such warts begins. Most often they are located on the face, eyelids, under the mammary glands and in other places.

human papilloma what is it

How can I get rid of the papilloma?

If you suspect that you have a human papillomavirus( what it is and what kinds it happens, we have already found out), then you should first consult a specialist. To prevent the formation of build-ups is much easier than to get rid of them later. Using a simple blood test and a swab of the vagina, the doctor will be able to identify or disprove the presence of the pathogen in your body. It is worth recalling that the virus can have up to 60 different strains. However, only certain 32 are dangerous.

Treatment of the direct build-up can be carried out in several ways. This can be a surgical or laser method, a folk method, a medicinal effect, and so on. Consider the details of manipulations that help get rid of warts.

Surgical procedure of

If you have a papilloma of the uterus, what is it? And how can you get rid of it? Most often in this case, it is surgical intervention that is used. If the formation affected the mucous surface of the genital organ from the inside, the doctor prescribes the scraping of the cavity with the use of hysteroscopy.

Manipulation is performed under general anesthesia. During the operation, a woman sleeps and does not feel anything. The doctor dilates the cervical canal with special instruments and removes the overgrown endometrium. After this, the papilloma is excised and the entire uterine cavity is examined.

The surgical method can also be used when the lesions affect external areas of the skin. However, this method is already quite outdated due to unpleasant sensations during the procedure and the remaining scars after it.

Laser removal of

Increasingly, cosmetic salons use a laser method of treatment. Such treatment often does not cause special discomfort and does not require hospitalization of the patient. This method is selected when you need to remove the build-up on the face or visible part of the body.

The procedure is performed without prior anesthesia. The patient is located on the couch, and the doctor applies a device that emits laser beams to the built-up edge. The base of the papilloma is excised and the bleeding ceases immediately. Remove this method can be as one, or several warts.

papilloma virus what is it

Chemical exposure

This method is rarely chosen. Preference is given to him when it comes to malignant education. In this case, chemicals are injected into the patient's blood, affecting the entire body. It is worth noting that after such treatment hair may fall out and other side effects of chemotherapy may occur.

If you have a papilloma of the cervix, what kind of education and how can it be cured? In this case, a chemical attack can also be used. However, the substance is not introduced into the body, but is applied to a tampon that is tightly applied to the wart. It is worth saying that large dosages of such a substance can be very toxic. Such treatment is categorically contraindicated during pregnancy and lactation, as it can cause fetal death in the womb or milk poisoning.

Treatment with medical products

Sometimes doctors prescribe a traditional correction. However, before this you need to establish the strain and type of the virus reliably. After receiving the results of the analysis, treatment with antibacterial and antiviral medicines is prescribed, for example: "Vilprafen", "Naksojin", "Metranidozol" and so on. In addition, immunomodulatory therapy is mandatory. This includes the appointment of the following drugs: "Interferon", "Viferon", "Kipferon", "Cycloferon" and so on. Remember that treatment should be performed in both sex partners. Otherwise, at the first sexual intercourse, you will receive a new portion of the virus.

papilloma what is this photo


Some patients try to remove the build-up themselves. To do this, they take a nylon or dental floss and tightly bandage the formation. Within a few days of such exposure, the blood supply of the papilloma stops, and it disappears.

Also some people manage to simply tear off or cut off a wart. In this case, most often there is a capillary bleeding, which is quite difficult to stop.

Remember that any independent effect on education can lead to massive infection and the formation of a large number of new foci.

papilloma of the cervix that it is

Folk methods of treatment

There are several grandmother's recipes for fighting such neoplasms. Let's consider some of them.

Garlic and celandine

You can prick the foci of warts with celandine and ordinary garlic. The first component you can buy in any pharmacy network without providing a prescription. Garlic is better to use is not young, but last year's.

Take a few drops of celandine and squeeze out a garlic slice. Mix these ingredients and apply a gauze dressing moistened with such a solution to the hearth every day before going to bed. Each time, use a new compound, and if necessary, store it in the refrigerator.

Castor oil

For sure everyone knows about the benefits of castor oil. In this case, it can help to destroy the overgrown papillomas. If you have a papilloma in your throat, what does it mean? Most likely, the cause for the reproduction of the virus was a catarrhal airway disease.

Lubricate the wart regularly with warmed castor oil. After a few sessions, you will notice that the process is drying up and decreasing. Remember that this method is absolutely not suitable for the transition of papilloma to malignant formation.

Conspiracy from papillomas

Many superstitious people use this method of purifying the body of warts and consider it quite effective. To manipulate, you will need several threads from the tissue bag. It should be done on the waning moon.

Knot a few nodules in the air right above the papilloma. In this case, wish yourself a speedy recovery and no relapse of the disease. After that, the thread must be buried in the ground. You can use a flower in a pot or go outside for a procedure. As soon as the tool for getting rid of the papilloma begins to rot, you will see the reverse transformation of the wart, which will soon disappear at all.

Also, some people turn to healers and grandmothers who can talk about such growths. Doctors do not take this treatment seriously. Doctors strongly do not recommend conducting similar experiments.

papilloma of the uterus what is it?

Summing up

So, now you know what papilloma is and how you can get rid of it. Remember that the best treatment option is a combination of medical and laser methods. Only in this case you can surely get rid of the virus and remove all the warts on your body. Address to experts, instead of be engaged in a selftreatment. Ask your doctor, let him explain to you: the papilloma virus - what is it. The specialist will tell you about the disease in detail. Remove papillomas in a timely manner, until they grow and interfere with your normal life. Strong to you health!

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