"Otryvin Baby"( aspirator nasal): prices, reviews, instructions

Every small child is susceptible to colds. Especially it concerns the kids of the first year of life, when they have not yet formed immunity. Cold at this age is more than every second babe. The situation is aggravated by the absence of natural feeding by mother's milk. To treat a disease, pediatricians prescribe a variety of drugs and devices. This article will tell you about what is "Otrivin baby"( nasal aspirator).You will be able to find out the specifics of the application of this mechanism. Also it is necessary to tell, what on means "Otrivin Baby"( the aspirator nasal) of the price.

aspirator baby aspirator nasal

Composition of the

The "Otryvin Baby" mechanism( aspirator nasal) consists of four main parts: the maternal nozzle, the tube, the body itself, the device and the replaceable tip for the baby. All parts are made of high quality plastic or silicone. They can be subjected to heat treatment and sterilization. It is worth noting that this must be done after every illness.

When can this device help you?

The device "Otryvin Baby"( nasal aspirator) is prescribed for children of the first and second years of life. The device performs only one function: clears the nasal passage from excess mucus. This means that the device should be used for rhinitis of any nature, allergic rhinitis, for washing the nasal passages and so on.

baby baby aspirator nasal prices

Are there any contraindications for using the device?

Aspirator for children Novartis "Otryvin Baby"( nasal) is an absolutely harmless remedy. However, it should be used strictly for its intended purpose. Do not try to remove the device mucus from the throat or pus from the ears. The device is intended exclusively for cleaning the nasal passages and has no contraindications to this.

How to apply the tool?

How should I use the device "Otrivin Baby"( nasal aspirator)?The instruction says the following. Take the child in his arms and tilt his head. If the crumb already has 6-7 months, then you can put the baby on your lap. In this case, he will hold the head on his own. With one hand, hug the child and hold it in one position.

Clamp the mouthpiece for the mother with your lips, and insert the other end of the device into the spout of the baby. Remember that you can not overdo it. Do not push the appliance too far. This can bring the baby discomfort or even pain. Also, excessive insertion of the nozzle causes injuries to the nasal mucosa.

aspirator baby aspirator

Inhale with all your might and make sure that the contents of the child's spout fall into the detachable unit. Do not be afraid that the snot will be in your mouth. This is reliably protected by a built-in foam rubber insert. When the mucus is in the device, you need to carefully remove the device. After this, repeat the same procedure with the second nasal passage. If the slime is too much, then you can change the nozzle to "Otrivin Baby".

Aspirator nasal can be used after a preliminary wash of the nasal sinuses. For young children in this case, prescribe the appropriate drugs.

aspirator baby aspirator nasal nozzle

What should I do with the device after use?

As you already know, has "Otrivin Baby"( aspirator nasal) nozzles. This fact greatly facilitates the life of mother and child. You just need to remove the used tip and dispose of it in the usual way. On a blank space, place a new nozzle and, if necessary, proceed with the procedure.

Remember that the tips are worth changing after each use. Otherwise, the virus infection can grow into a bacterial infection, and all this is much more serious.

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The price category of the device

The device "Otrivin Baby"( aspirator nasal) prices is different. It all depends on the place in which you buy the goods. It is worth noting that not only pharmacy chains can sell the device. This product is not a medicine and can be purchased without a prescription.

In the standard packaging there is one device and three replaceable nozzles. The cost of such a device is about 300 rubles. Remember that the price may vary depending on the place of your stay.

You can also purchase replacement tips. It is very convenient. You no longer have to overpay for the aspirator. Buy only attachments to it. In one package there are 10 tips with foam inserts. Such a product will cost you between 200 and 250 rubles.

Reviews for Aspirator Nasal "Otirin Baby"

Most of the opinions about this device are positive. However, there are also such parents who remained unhappy with the adaptation. Doctors otolaryngologists and pediatricians say that this mechanism is one of the most convenient for the mother and safe for the child. Let's consider in detail what "Otrivin Baby" device( aspirator nasal) reviews has.

reviews about aspirator nasal otryvin baby

The device became a rescue for the whole family

Many parents say that the device greatly facilitated the course of the illness for the child and his family. Little children are not yet able to clean the spout and get rid of mucus accumulation. This fact really prevents them from eating and sleeping normally. Soples do not allow to breathe freely and constantly irritate the nasal sinuses.

Parents note that everything has changed with the purchase of this system. After removing the mucus from the spout, the baby can finally breathe in full. Also the baby starts to eat and sleep normally. Doctors say that such a procedure accelerates the process of recovery of crumbs.

The opportunity to avoid complications of

appeared. Medics say that the nose and ears of a small child are closely related. As a result, during the runny nose, bacteria can enter the auditory canal. Because of this, a frequent complication of colds in children is otitis.

If you use this device to remove mucus, you can easily avoid this confluence of circumstances.

Excellent alternative to outdated aspirators

Previously, people used rubber devices to remove mucus from the nose in children. Such devices not only do not properly clean the nasal passages, but also are a breeding ground for infections.

With the acquisition of this aspirator, everything becomes much simpler. Now you can just throw the used tip off the mucus and put on a new one.

Want to save money? Do not throw away the nozzles!

Parents say that the device can help save on changing blocks. Just do not throw away the old nozzles, but wash them and sterilize them. After that, you can insert a piece of cotton wool into the device and make the usual suction of mucus from the baby's nose.

aspirator baby nasal instruction

It is worth noting that the instruction does not take this move. The manufacturer says that this way can only aggravate the situation, since the used nozzles are a breeding ground for bacteria.

Negative opinion of

There is also a group of parents who are dissatisfied with this device. Moms and dads claim that the remedy is absolutely useless. With a weak breath, mucus is not completely removed, and when it is strong, it enters the mouth of the parent.

Doctors say that in this case, you need to start diluting the mines. To do this, you can use the drug "Aquamaris" or regular saline solution. Drip a few drops into each nasal pass of the baby and only after that remove the mucus.

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Now you know how to use the system to remove the snot. Remember that as soon as your baby learns to blow his nose, you should abandon this device. You can remove mucus from the spout using this device at any age. In this the manufacturer does not set limits.

Clean the nasal passages of the baby correctly and do not be ill!

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