"Asparcum" preparation: for what purpose?

Every year more and more people suffer from cardiovascular diseases. And many of them doctors prescribe the drug Asparcum. For what it is needed, not everyone understands, because it is believed that such a cheap medicine containing only potassium and magnesium, can not have a serious effect. But actually it is not. Ions of potassium and magnesium are necessary for normal functioning of the body. True, without the appointment of a doctor, even cheap and seemingly harmless drugs are not recommended. Therefore, you need to know what "Asparkam" is needed for, so that the use of this drug only benefits the patient.

Why potassium and magnesium

These two elements are very important for the work of the heart. And potassium is considered to be the most effective, and magnesium basically functions as a conductor of its ions inside the cell. A sufficient number of these elements in the body provides:

- the correct conduct of the heart pulse;

- good contractile function of the muscles of the myocardium;

- the elasticity of the walls of blood vessels;

- regulation of metabolic processes in the heart muscle;

- decrease in blood viscosity.

Why the body lacks potassium

Not everyone knows what "Asparks" are assigned for. And this is done mainly for patients who have a lack of potassium ions. Why can this happen?
what is needed for asparks

- even with proper nutrition, microelements enter the body with food in very small amounts;

- a lot of potassium and magnesium are lost when strong sweating in hot weather and with increased physical exertion;

- the absorption of trace elements is disrupted in case of hormonal failures, diabetes mellitus or metabolic diseases;

- gastrointestinal diseases, for example, gastritis or pancreatitis, also lead to a deterioration in the absorption of potassium;

- the loss of these essential elements often occur in disorders of the stomach and intestinal infections, especially accompanied by diarrhea;

- the use of alcohol, products containing caffeine, and certain medicines also contribute to the excessive excretion of potassium. Therefore, in such conditions, the drug "Asparcum" is often prescribed. For what it is needed - it will become clear when you understand what the shortage of these trace elements threatens.

What happens when there is a shortage of potassium and magnesium

If there is not enough one element in the cell, it is immediately replaced by another one. In the case of potassium, this is sodium, which strongly binds water. As a result, the cell swells and can not normally perform its functions. This is especially reflected in the work of the heart. His muscles can not normally contract. And the place of magnesium is calcium, the excess of which can lead to spasms. This does not allow the heart muscle to relax, and the nutrients to enter it. In this case, the drug Asparkam helps. For what it is appointed, understand those who often experience such symptoms:

- spasms of muscles and blood vessels, convulsions, especially at night;

- heart rhythm disorder;tablets for asparks for what

- anxiety, increased irritability and a tendency to depression;

- disruption of the gallbladder and kidneys, the formation of stones.

What is "Asparkam"

prescribed for 1. Most often this drug is used in the treatment of diseases of the cardiovascular system. It can be an arrhythmia, a stenocardia or a heart failure. Sometimes, together with some drugs prescribe and "Asparks".What is it for? Some drugs can cause arrhythmia or malfunctions of the heart rhythm, as well as contribute to excessive excretion of potassium.

asparagus medicine for what 2. To strengthen the nervous system, with nervousness, irritability and stress.

3. For the normalization of the gallbladder and gastrointestinal tract.

4. In the complex treatment of certain diseases associated with a lack of potassium and magnesium.

5. Withdrawal from binge drinking, treatment of alcoholism.

6. Why take "Asparks" yet? In some states, potassium deficiency is observed, for example, severe perspiration, stool disorders, or taking diuretics. Recently, it is recommended to drink this drug while dieting for weight loss. It helps to make up the micronutrient deficiency and accelerates weight loss.

"Asparcum" for heart diseases

Potassium and magnesium salts are vital for the normal functioning of the heart muscle. Therefore, very many cores are appointed "Asparks".For what it is needed, often do not explain, so some patients treat the drug lightly, believing that such a cheap medicine can not have a serious effect. And in fact, "Asparks" very effectively helps with such conditions: for which they assign asparks

- in case of heart rhythm disturbances;

- in the rehabilitation or prevention of myocardial infarction;

- in violation of metabolic processes in the cells of the myocardium;

- with stenocardia and coronary heart disease also drink "Asparks".

Why is this drug used in complex treatment? It is effective in various vascular pathologies, for example, epilepsy, glaucoma or simply with circulatory failure.

With what preparations it is necessary to drink "Asparkam"

For what this drug is necessary at treatment by some medicines? It helps to reduce their side effects, for example, a lack of potassium salts or a violation of the rhythm of the heart. Together with what means still necessarily prescribe the drug "Asparcum":

- Why it should be drunk with Diakarbom? This decongestant drug actively removes sodium and potassium ions from the body, and "Asparks" is needed to fill its deficiency. asparkam for what use

- If you need to take the drug "Furosemide" doctors must appoint together with him tablets "Asparks".What is it for?"Furosemide" - a strong diuretic and promotes rapid loss of potassium by the body. This can lead to heart failure and arrhythmia.

- Very often, together with cardiac glycosides, a medicine "Asparcum" is prescribed. What is this for? Glycosides are herbal preparations used to treat heart disease. But with prolonged use, they often slow down the rhythm of the heart and can cause arrhythmia. To prevent these complications, Asparkam is used.

Contraindications to taking the drug

This is a cheap and effective medicine you can not drink all. Especially serious contraindications to the reception of "Asparkam" - for diseases accompanied by fluid retention in the body and slow excretion of potassium. In this case, taking the drug may lead to an excessive accumulation of this trace element, which is also harmful to health. When can not you drink Asparka?

- with kidney dysfunction and inadequate urination;

- if cardiac conduction is impaired;

- damage to erythrocytes or acute acidosis of the blood;

- in a state of shock, with severe myasthenia gravis or dehydration;

- for severe metabolic disorders;

- allergic intolerance of the drug components. asparagus preparation for what

Injections of the drug are contraindicated at low blood pressure and during pregnancy.

Can Asparks cause side effects of

This seemingly harmless drug may in some cases be hazardous to health. Some patients believe that it, like vitamins, can be taken at any time. But it is undesirable without the doctor's appointment to drink Asparka. For what this drug is used and in what doses, only a specialist can know. You need to drink it only when the body really needs additional potassium and magnesium. And an overdose of these elements can lead to undesirable consequences. May develop:

- nausea, vomiting, dry mouth, ulceration, abdominal pain and stool disorders;

- heart rhythm disturbances, pressure spikes, dyspnea and dizziness;

- thirst, redness of the face, numbness of the extremities, itchy skin;

- weakness, drowsiness, fatigue, lowering of pressure.

Asparalkam and its analogues

Drugs containing potassium and magnesium are often prescribed to the cores as part of complex therapy. But recently doctors have recommended more expensive analogues of "Asparkam".The differences are often included only in the manufacturer and the price, but there may be different contents of the active substances. Therefore, it is up to the doctor to decide whether to replace the drug. Although many patients with "experience" have more confidence in Asparkam, besides, it is the cheapest of the drugs in this group: you can buy 50 tablets in just 20-50 rubles. asparks for what The more expensive medicine is "Panangin".Its composition is similar, although the active substance is contained in a lower dosage, so the drug is considered safer. This medicine is of foreign origin and costs about 150 rubles per package. Less known is the drug called "potassium and magnesium asparaginate."They are produced by different pharmaceutical companies, and their price depends on this.