Why have banned manganese and how it can now be purchased

A few years ago in each house there was a vial of purple crystals, popularly called potassium permanganate. This solution was used for different purposes. And many remember the pink, unpleasant taste of water, which had to drink when poisoning or treating her wounds. But in recent years many people have faced a problem: it is impossible to purchase this drug. And they are at a loss: why have they forbidden the potassium permanganate? After all, this cheap antiseptic is often indispensable in everyday life and medicine.

Therapeutic properties of potassium permanganate

The scientific name of this drug is potassium permanganate. It is the most popular antiseptic for external and internal use. A fresh solution of potassium permanganate has oxidizing properties and is capable of killing the majority of microbes. How to apply potassium permanganate? why they forbade manganese

- a weak solution is drunk with poisoning, diarrhea and intestinal infections. With such pale pink water it is good to wash the stomach;

- more concentrated solution, up to 0,5%, treat open wounds, ulcers, pressure sores and insect bites;

- in pediatrics, babies are bathed in a bath with a solution of potassium permanganate. It helps to heal the umbilical wound and disinfects the water;

- potassium permanganate rinse the stomatitis and gingivitis, treat the sore throat;

- this drug copes well with eruptions with herpes and chicken pox;

- foot baths with potassium permanganate help with excessive sweating and heal corns.

How to apply manganese in everyday life

It used to be the most popular means for purifying and disinfecting water. These crystals can, for example, add to the well to protect themselves from bacteria. manganese is forbidden why

So far, many gardeners are treating soil and seeds before planting with a weak solution of potassium permanganate. This helps fight pests and stimulates plant growth;

A solution of potassium permanganate is good at combating unpleasant odors, for example, cat urine.

Can potassium permanganate be dangerous

When diluting the drug should be carefully monitored so that its crystals do not reach the skin and mucous membranes and completely dissolved in water. After all, they can cause severe burns and skin irritation. Therefore, when preparing the preparation, it is recommended first to prepare a more concentrated solution, and then add it to the water. why it was forbidden to sell manganese This is especially important for the internal application of potassium permanganate and when using it for baby baths. In addition, potassium permanganate is an inflammable substance, and an explosion may occur when its crystals are rubbed against iron or if storage conditions are violated.

Why banned the potassium permanganate

This inexpensive and effective drug has a number of dangerous properties. Therefore, in many countries for a long time, and in our country in 2007, there was a permanganate ban. Why this happened, it becomes clear if you study all the properties of this substance.

1. Potassium salts are very unstable and, under certain conditions, can ignite, up to and including an explosion. This can occur even at room temperature and when the storage conditions of the preparation are not respected. This property is often used by terrorists in the manufacture of explosive devices. This is one of the reasons why banned the sale of potassium permanganate in large quantities.

2. In addition, potassium permanganate refers to a means called "recursors".These are substances used for the manufacture of narcotic drugs. And this, most likely, is the main reason why they forbade manganese. In many countries, this drug is even referred to as drugs and can be fined for its storage. Is there a ban on the sale of potassium permanganate

But strangely enough, officially the implementation of potassium permanganate in pharmacies is not prohibited, but simply limited. why have banned the sale of potassium permanganate Those who are indignantly interested in why they have banned the sale of potassium permanganate, receive an answer that it is still possible to buy it. The drug is sold by prescription or a small amount, 1-2 packs in one hand. It turns out that the pharmacies imposed strict restrictions and introduced new rules regarding the storage and sale of the drug. In many cities, pharmacists are obliged to keep a strict account of the arrival and consumption of potassium permanganate. And pharmacies themselves should be equipped specifically for the safe storage of this explosive drug. Therefore, most owners of the pharmacy business refuse to sell such "inconvenient", besides inexpensive medicine. Therefore, it is possible to acquire manganese, but in a few state institutions.

How people treat this prohibition

Some people in the house still have old stocks of such a necessary drug. But those who faced the need to buy a new package of this antiseptic, find out that the potassium permanganate is banned. Why? People are at a loss. Why is it forbidden to cause? After all, there are even more dangerous drugs and substances used for the preparation of drugs. And at the same time they are in free sale. This is for example acetone or a means for cleaning the pipes "Mole".Distilled water, sugar, coffee and many other substances are also used for the manufacture of narcotic drugs. But in limited sales was only potassium permanganate. Why is prohibited, the reasons for this can not be clearly explained in any pharmacy. Therefore, people are often indignant. And the fact that this has not yet become a mass process can be explained by the reserves of potassium permanganate in many houses.

Why the ban on potassium permanganate can be explained for these two reasons. But people understand that for those who need to use this drug for illegal purposes, limiting its sale will not become an obstacle. After all, you can go through many pharmacies, in each buying a bag of potassium permanganate, and to collect in this way the right amount. But ordinary people suffered from such a ban. Because in many cases this inexpensive antiseptic can not be replaced.