Proctonis: instructions for use, analogues, reviews

All people in the modern 21st century live differently. The life of some is swift and exciting. Not a single minute of peace, all the time in motion, in a furious rhythm. The living space of others is limited by the four walls of the study or room in the apartment. The computer is the main workplace where people spend hours without movement, forgetting to eat in time, give themselves the opportunity to train tightened muscles, improve blood circulation throughout the body. It is this category of people that basically gets the disease of the 21st century - hemorrhoids.

This disease affects both women and men, with almost the same frequency. The essence of this medical problem in varicose expansion of vessels in the rectum, which over time, if no measures are taken, leads to the formation of hemorrhoids. Depending on the localization of nodular formations, hemorrhoids can be external, internal or combined. The form of the course of the disease can be acute or chronic.

To combat this, to put it mildly

, an "inconvenient" disease developed a lot of drugs and dietary supplements( BAD), one of which is Protonis. The instruction regulates the drug as a good remedy for facilitating the flow of the chronic form of hemorrhoids. In acute condition, it is somewhat less effective. proctosus instructions

What is Proctonis?

"Protonis" can not be called a medicinal product in the direct sense of these words. Rather, the agent is a biologically active additive to food. Its main purpose is to normalize the work of the intestine and to remove discomfort in cases of hemorrhoidal pain.

"Protonis" instructions for use are positioned as supplements with pronounced anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic and hemostatic effects. The agent serves as a source of glycyrrhizic acid and sennosides.

The manufacturer offers consumers a drug in several forms of release: capsules, cream and candles from hemorrhoids."Proctonis"( the instruction contains all information about the composition) in the capsules differs somewhat in composition from the cream and candles. proctonis instruction manual

Bioadditive in capsules

The capsules( and tablets) contain the following constituents: buckthorn bark powder, chopped cassia leaves, shaved cartilage, common yarrow herb and vitamins A and E.

The buckthorn bark is characterized by a mild laxative effect, which manifests itself in activationintestinal motility. The presence of this ingredient reduces the likelihood of developing constipation, which, in turn, is often the cause, a trigger for hemorrhoids. The presence in the "Proctonis" powder from the shark cartilage promotes the stimulation of local immunity. As a result, the probability of connecting to the inflammatory process of the bacterial environment and the formation of an infectious focus is minimized. In addition, shark cartilage helps stop bleeding and relieve inflammation. In addition, this component of natural origin contains elements that form part of the walls of blood vessels. It is for this reason that the "Proctonis" instruction describes as a tool that improves the condition of the vessels and facilitates the process of the acute stage of hemorrhoids.

Another component of the capsules is the yarrow herb. This representative of the flora has the ability to destroy pathogens, thereby reducing or completely preventing the development of the infectious process at the site of the hemorrhoids. In addition, yarrow can significantly improve the digestion process and save a person from flatulence. Cassia cauliflower has proven itself in the fight against anal fissures, chronic constipation, and with hemorrhoids themselves.

The effect of vitamins A and E present in the Proctonis capsule is described as helping to regenerate the gastric mucosa, accelerating the growth and repair of damaged tissues( healing of anal fissures and ulcers on the walls of the hemorrhoidal veins).cream proctonis instruction manual

Cream "Proctonis"

As for the cream( not an exception and a candle) "Proctonis", the instruction for use says that this form of the drug has a slightly different composition from the capsules. Here the main ingredients are witch hazel, extracts of aloe, sage and spring cleaner, squalene from shark liver, cocoa butter and bisabolol.

Squalane of the shark liver has a positive effect on the venous walls of the rectum, which is expressed in increasing the tone and speeding up the process of introducing active biological substances into the damaged vessels and tissues. Still this component is capable to destroy pathogenic microorganisms. Aloe extract has a bactericidal effect, inhibits the growth and development of bacteria, prevents the appearance of purulent inflammatory processes provoked by microorganisms. Helps improve microcirculation.

Extract of spring cleaner included in Protonis cream( application instruction confirms this information) improves blood circulation by eliminating stagnation in microvessels of the mucous membrane and venous plexuses of the rectum. In addition, this plant is able to remove the itching and burning sensation in the area of ​​the hemorrhoidal nodes. Possesses astringent properties.

Another component in the cream is sage extract. It has softening and reducing effects. At the same time, this plant has an astringent effect, is characterized by good antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties.

Glycerin, which contains cream and suppositories "Protonis", the instructions for use regulate as an effective moisturizing and soothing component. Cocoa butter also has an emollient, toning and wound healing effect. Bisabolol has excellent anti-inflammatory properties.

Who is receiving the drug?

Usually, proctologists prescribe a dietary supplement either to improve the functioning of the digestive tract, or to alleviate painful sensations in case of exacerbation of hemorrhoids. In general, the "Proctonis" instructions for use recommend taking the patients when the following symptoms appear:

  • the appearance of a tendency to constipation;
  • flatulence( sensation of bloating, presence of raspiruyuschih pain in the intestines, whipping);
  • on the background of chronic hemorrhoids there are painful sensations( evidence of the onset of the period of exacerbation of the disease);
  • for preventive and curative measures with the existing chronic form of hemorrhoids;
  • any inflammation in the zone of the anal opening( including cracks, itching, etc.).

If you are talking about the choice of this or that form of the Proctonis drug, the instruction on the use of the capsule suggests a preference for prophylactic purposes, especially if the patient has sedentary work or is associated with constant physical exertion, a person leads a sedentary lifestyle, improperly feeds( the diet prevailsspicy and spicy food) or suffers from constipation. To the same group should be attributed and people suffering from harmful habits( smoking, alcohol).proctosus candles instructions

In case you need to remove pain during the period of exacerbation, it is better to prefer the "Proctonis" ointment( the instruction contains information on the method and dosage regimen).

Any form of dietary supplements has a soft, unobtrusive venotonic effect, facilitates the process of cleansing the intestines, helps to get rid of constipation. The main components of the "Proctonis" stop pain and inflammation in the affected area, help to cope with burning and itching, can slow down and stop the bleeding completely, accelerate the regeneration of the damaged mucous membrane of the gut.

Also, any form of Proctonis release can be successfully used in complex therapy for the rehabilitation of patients after surgical intervention. Bioadditive enhances the effect of the main medications and makes it possible to achieve a stable remission.

To whom is Proctonis contraindicated?

Supplements Protonis is contraindicated in people with hypersensitivity to at least one component in capsules, cream or candles.

A separate group of patients are pregnant women and nursing mothers. During the period of gestation, active components of the "Proctonis" are able to penetrate the placenta and have a negative impact on the developing child. Also during the lactation, the constituents of the supplements are able to penetrate into the milk, harming the health of the baby. If there was a need for treatment with the help of the "Proctonis", the instruction recommends that this drug should prefer something else( naturally, after consultation with the attending physician).

Doctors who are proctologists do not practice prescribing "Proctonis" to children under 14 years of age, since the effect of the drug on patients of this age has not been studied. In addition, a sufficient reason for refusing to use the "Proctonis" is the presence in the patient of any intestinal diseases or a tendency to develop diarrhea. To refuse from reception of a bioadditive is that to patients at which after the first reception of an agent there were and signs of allergic reactions progress. suppositories

In order for the treatment to be successful

In order to have a positive result of using Protonis supplements, several principles must be observed. If the patient has an acute, chronic or complicated form of hemorrhoids, along with the "Proctonis" device, the instruction recommends taking medications prescribed by the attending doctor. The most biologically active additive can not cope with hemorrhoids, it is effective only in combination with other medicines.

Therapy with bioadditives should be not only local, but also general. In other words, you should regularly take not only Protonis tablets. Ointment instructions for use recommend using in the treatment with capsules. In general, "Proctonis" can not be called a medical product. It is an additive whose purpose is to improve health and quality of life in the chronic form of hemorrhoids and prevent the development of this unpleasant disease in people at risk. This group includes those who are engaged in sedentary work or at work, associated with high physical stress, suffering from constipation and having excess weight.

Prevention and treatment of hemorrhoids will be qualitative and effective if the patient is serious about the need to adjust their lifestyle. We must try to increase the motor activity. If there is absolutely no relationship with active sports, walking is available to absolutely anyone.

You should also pay close attention to the correctness and diet. Food more than 4 times a day, but in small portions and with a predominance of vegetables, fruits, cereals. And do not forget about the rejection of bad habits. All these factors together with the "Protonis" supplements will reliably protect the body from the development of hemorrhoids.

Recommendations for the use of the ointment "Proctonis"

The Proctonis( ointment) remedy is recommended for use two times a day. The skin should be cleaned beforehand. Before using the cream or ointment, doctors recommend that the bowel be emptied, then make all the necessary sanitary and hygienic procedures. The composition is applied to the affected area of ​​the skin( with the external form of hemorrhoids) by light massaging movements.

proctonis ointment

If the problem areas affected by the disease are inside the rectum( internal form of hemorrhoids) or if anal fissures are to be treated, the treatment procedure looks somewhat different."Proctonis" is applied with a thin layer on the gauze swab, which is then gently inserted into the anal opening. After the procedure, the correct solution is to lie down for at least 20 minutes.

Keep the medicine out of the reach of children. The most acceptable temperature regime for storage without loss of medicinal properties of the preparation is + 5. .. + 25 оС.Cream or ointment "Proctonis" can be used for two years from the date of manufacture.

How are the Proctonis suppositories used?

Another form of "Proctonis" - candles - the instruction recommends to prefer other forms of release in those cases if the patient has an internal form of hemorrhoids. From the ointment or cream in this case, the effect will be small, since the hemorrhoidal nodes are located inside the rectum. Periodicity of application of candles - 1-2 times during the day, can be done in the morning and in the evening, or in the presence of free time every 12 hours. Suppositories are introduced deep into the anus. After the introduction of the remedy, doctors also recommend that they lie in bed for a while.

Store candles "Proctonis" is best in the refrigerator. Shelf life is 2 years from the date of issue.

Dosage regimen for tablets or capsules

"Protonis"( tablets) The instruction for use recommends taking one capsule three times a day. The maximum effectiveness of the remedy is observed when taken during meals. Usually, proctologists prescribe to take Proctonis for 4-6 weeks. Then follows a 10-day break after which the course of treatment can be repeated( the decision on the repeated course is the prerogative of the attending physician).

Where to store Proctonis? Instructions for the tablets should be kept at a temperature of no more than 25 ° C in a place protected from the sun and inaccessible to children. You can use it for 2 years from the date of release. candles from hemorrhoids proctosus instruction

Opinion of consumers and specialists about dietary supplements Proctonis

Proktonis does not belong to medicinal preparations, it is a biologically active additive to food. Reviews about this tool are mostly positive. Sufficiently large group of patients with the appearance of discomfort in the anus, feelings of discomfort proctologists appointed one of the forms of the release of the biologically active supplement "Protonis" - candles. The instruction says that suppositories are the most qualitative in treating the internal form of hemorrhoids. And the patients confirm the effectiveness of the suppositories: judging by the reviews, when using this form of the drug, the pain sensations decrease significantly, the inflammatory process diminishes rapidly, the itching, burning, discomfort disappears, stagnant phenomena in the pelvic region disappear.

Candles in tandem with capsules perfectly help to cope with constipation, normalize the work of the gastrointestinal tract, minimize flatulence and excess gas leakage. Patients suffering from constipation, described the "Proctonis" as a mild laxative.

Specialists proctologists say that the bioadditive normalizes blood circulation, helps strengthen the walls of venous vessels. The removal of a sufficiently strong pain syndrome in the period of exacerbation of the chronic form of hemorrhoids and cupping of the inflammation focus is also in the forces of the Protonitis supplements.

For natural components, of which the bioadditive is composed, enveloping and astringent effect is characteristic, which prevents bleeding and heals affected areas of tissues and mucous membrane of the rectum. In addition, the main components of the "Proctonis" have the ability to regenerate, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect on the human body.

Patients also respond well to another form of Proctonis supplements. Instruction cream recommends use in the initial stages of the disease, when there are already symptoms of hemorrhoids, but there are no hemorrhoids. And consumers confirm that after applying the cream, itching and burning in the area of ​​the anus pass, the inflammatory process is eliminated.

In general, in order to prevent the development of hemorrhoids, you need very little: take prophylactic proctonis, conduct an active lifestyle, and eat right and right. And the results will not keep you waiting.

Analogues of the preparation

Among drugs similar in composition of active substances, we can name "Gepatrombin G"( suppositories and ointment).A similar effect is provided by ointments "Aurobin", "Hemorrhoidal", "Proctan", "Pileks", as well as suppositories "Anuzol", "Doloproct" and others.