Hydrogen Peroxide Treatment by Neumyvakin: Feedback

Everyone knows a drug such as hydrogen peroxide. It is widely used to treat wounds and scratches in order to avoid infection with the infection. But this drug has other uses. For example, many people today are trying to treat hydrogen peroxide with Neumyvakin. To the surprise of many, this remedy is struggling with many health problems. Therefore, it is worth discussing in more detail why and how to use this tool.

Professor Neumyvakin and H2O2

The professor behind his back has a lot of work and a huge number of experiments that helped to introduce new methods of treatment into medicine. One of them is the use of H2O2, which he tried on himself. After he was able to identify the properties of this drug and its effect on the body, the treatment with hydrogen peroxide on Neumyvakin acquired nationwide approval. The professor continues to use this tool as a preventive measure. Also, his supporters are treated with peroxide and achieve the desired health effect.

What is treated with H2O2

treatment with hydrogen peroxide by neumyvakinu The active use of this method began with the successful treatment of cardiovascular diseases. After that, the professor studied the remaining areas where hydrogen peroxide can help. In this list, bronchitis, allergy, emphysema. Also, it fights against fungal lesions, viral and bacterial infections. Stimulates the immune system and prevents the appearance of atherosclerosis. It is capable of destroying cancer cells, curing leukemia and clearing blood vessels, removing fat from the walls. Treatment with hydrogen peroxide on Neumyvakin will help to cope with almost any disease.

Are there any contraindications and cautions for

This drug has virtually no contraindications. The most important thing is to know the dosage that helps to cope with the disease. The only ban on the use of H2O2 is personal intolerance. Such adverse reactions as rashes, fatigue and drowsiness, symptoms reminiscent of colds, and sometimes diarrhea can be listed here. But this intolerance can occur only in 2% of patients.

In addition, if a person has undergone an operation to replace organs, this self-treatment should be ruled out, since there may be difficulties with tissue compatibility.

When begin treatment with hydrogen peroxide on Neumyvakin, many talk about the occurrence of a small burning sensation in the stomach. Do not be afraid of this and stop taking the drug, as this is a natural reaction. At the same time, it is necessary to temporarily reduce the dose until the body gets used to H2O2.

During therapy it is acceptable to take only phytopreparations and medicines made on the basis of H2O2 at the same time, says Professor Neumyvakin. Treatment with hydrogen peroxide and simultaneous intake of other medications are incompatible. Between such methods should be intervals of at least half an hour.

External application of

treatment with hydrogen peroxide neumyvakin reviews For treatment, 3% peroxide is required. Two teaspoons should be diluted in 50 ml of purified water. The product is used as a compress, as well as for rinsing and grinding. Suitable for skin rashes, for the treatment of pain in various areas of our body. The composition treats headaches, flu, multiple sclerosis. For instillation and washing of the nasal canals, a mixture of peroxide( 10-15 drops) and water( 1 tablespoon) per one nostril is made. After a while, the dosage changes, and one dice is injected with a syringe. The procedure is performed twice a day in the mornings and evenings. If a person is sick, this action is carried out more often.

Intravenous injection of

Another application that Ivan Neumyvakin suggested was the treatment with intravenous hydrogen peroxide. It is necessary to connect 200 ml of saline with 2 ml of peroxide. The solution can be replaced with distilled water. Put the dropper at a low speed, 60 drops per minute. But the amount of medication you need to increase gradually. The first day is taken only 100 ml, the other day 150 ml, from the third to the seventh day already a full portion - 200 ml. In the early days of intravenous treatment, some people experience a temperature increase, which is normal. Such changes are due to the fact that the medicine kills the pathogenic flora, which causes these anomalies. It is worth noting that this method is approved only abroad. In Russia it is not legalized.

Internal Application

A 3% solution is also used for this method. You need to start with a small dose: 1-2 tablespoons - just one drop of H2O2.Take it three times a day before meals. You should start eating only after half an hour or two hours before a meal. Every day it is necessary to increase the rate by one drop. Go to the tenth day and stop for a couple of days. After that, resume treatment immediately with 10 drops( this is the norm, which can not be further increased).The duration of this course remains on personal preference. It is important to periodically take breaks for three, five days.

Properties of hydrogen peroxide

Our body can produce this element by itself, but because of the wrong way of life this quantity is not enough for cells. But for proper functioning we need H2O2.Here are some of the processes in which she participates:

  • She participates in bioenergetic formations: heat in cells, mineral salts, vitamins.
  • Struggles with free radicals.
  • Normalizes the composition of the blood and cleans it.
  • Destroys toxins and destroys viruses, fungi, parasites.
  • Saturates tissues with oxygen.
  • Normalizes the condition of the digestive tract.
  • Accelerates tissue regeneration.
  • Improves mental performance.

How does the body act H2O2

neumyvakin treatment with hydrogen peroxide Each person's reaction to H2O2 is very different. But, as Professor Neumyvakin is convinced, the treatment with hydrogen peroxide is due to the enzyme catalase, which everyone has in the body, but in different amounts. It separates water from molecular oxygen. Much depends on the food we eat - fatty, fried, smoked, chemical and salty. Because of this, our tissues remain completely without oxygen. When H2O2 starts to enter cells, it's unusual for them. That is why at first you may feel unwell. This period is better to wait a little and resume taking the medication on the second day, and the dose can be temporarily reduced by half until the severe malaise ends. Also, dizziness is possible for the first time, Dr. Neumyvakin warns. Treatment with hydrogen peroxide in the right doses is completely safe, so the first symptoms of recovery should not be afraid.

What is important to take into account

Before proceeding to peroxide treatment, it is necessary to perform cleansing of the large intestine. If possible, it is desirable to clean the liver. This is necessary in order for the result to make itself felt as soon as possible, and also for the treatment to be more effective. Changes in the body can be seen if treated for a long period. In this case, you need to compare your condition three or six months ago. Over time, even serious diseases can recede.

Is it possible to give children

professor neumyvakin treatment with hydrogen peroxide Some doubt that this method of treatment is suitable for children. But they need this drug, says Dr. Neumyvakin. Treatment with hydrogen peroxide in this case requires only a reduction in dosage. If the baby is less than five years old, he is given a tablespoon of water with a droplet of H2O2.Children from 5 to 10 can give up to five drops, from 10 to 14 years, the maximum rate - at a time 8 drops per two tablespoons of water.

Treatment of sinusitis

As it was found out, treatment can be performed in several ways. The choice of method depends on the type of disease. The use of the drug through the nose is beneficial not only for colds, Neumyvakin is convinced. Treatment of sinusitis with hydrogen peroxide has a healing effect. To do this, dilute 10-15 drops in a spoonful of water. This is one serving for one nostril. After 10 seconds, the liquid will start to appear, from which you need to get rid of it. The head is tilted to one shoulder and the upper nostril is clamped with a finger, blowing the mucus from the lower one. Repeat to the other side. Do not drink for 15 minutes. neumyvakin treatment of sinusitis with hydrogen peroxide

Treatment of toothache

Very often, we can be hurt by toothache. To eliminate it, you need to take hydroperitic tablets. You will need two tablets, which should be diluted in half a glass of water. A ready-made medicine needs to rinse your mouth, while trying to withstand as long as possible. The mixture should be spit and repeat the rinse several more times.

Treatment of skin cancer

According to Neumyvakin, the treatment of skin cancer with hydrogen peroxide is quite possible. As you know, in the early stages of surgery to remove the tumor. The professor says: if you regularly use H2O2, the tumor will be eradicated even without the help of surgery.

Treatment of fungus

treatment of fungus with hydrogen peroxide neumyvakin It is known that the manifestation of the fungus on the nails is not just cosmetic troubles. With the wrong therapy, it does not just go away, but begins to expand. The professor is confident that it is possible to treat the fungus with hydrogen peroxide. Neumyvakin gives recommendations on how to start the procedure. To start the nails should be steamed. For this, a solution is prepared from a liter of heated water and a teaspoon of soda food. Also prepared in advance is a wadded disk, from which a piece is cut in the form of a nail. After the nails are steamed, you need to apply a prepared cotton wool( well soaked in peroxide) to the affected area. The procedure is performed twice a day. On the feet compresses should be kept for up to an hour, on the hands - about 15 minutes.

Positive feedback from

As this technique is not new, many have already tried hydrogen peroxide( Neumyvakin).Reviews say that there are people who have really benefited from these procedures. People suffering from heartburn, were able to get rid of this illness on the fourth day. Such results, of course, inspire, and the course continues for a much longer period. People claim that during this time they did not suffer from respiratory diseases even during the off-season. In addition, some gradually recovered and got rid of a constant sense of fatigue, began to get enough sleep, cheerfulness appeared. Other people were able to get rid of chronic rhinosinusitis and headaches. The effect was immediately noticed. Therefore, in minor diseases the result is positive. ivan neumyvakin treatment with hydrogen peroxide

Contradictory reviews of

But not all people have been helped by the treatment with hydrogen peroxide( Neumyvakin).Reviews of such people say that, taking this method of H2O2, they could not notice positive improvements in their body. Others noticed a very weak effect. There are people who do not risk trying out such a dubious method and prefer traditional treatment, turning to the hospital.


The use of H2O2 is not a panacea, and Neumyvakin himself admits this. Treatment with hydrogen peroxide is an auxiliary. It can be combined with many drugs from the underlying illness of the patient. However, it should be said that official medicine finds this method of treatment absurd and does not advise using this tool differently than described in the instruction.