Cocoons for newborns - ultramodern items, irreplaceable for parents

Child with Mom The cocoon envelope, which is gaining popularity every day, has become an excellent alternative to the tight changing. Unlike the last method, which probably was used by our mothers and grandmothers, the cocoon helps to adapt quickly to crumbs after birth. After all, all parents try to make the most comfortable conditions for their newborn baby. Today we will talk about these modern adaptations. In particular, how cocoons for newborns provide comfort and safety.

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What is it?

Breastfeed Such an unusual thing with an amazing name "baby-cocoon" can replace several items of everyday use. And if the baby sleeps in it, then the dream will be strong, as the child can not wake up with handles.

Invented this subject was neonatologists from France. Their goal was to prevent the stress that occurs in newborns after he leaves the mother's womb. Outwardly it resembles in shape a bag wit

h a "window".A cocoon for a newborn can be crocheted or sewn from a soft cloth. Thus, while in the cocoon, the baby feels very comfortable.

The advantages of this interesting subject are that when you put a child in it, it takes the form of its body.

In addition:

  • to children in a cocoon it will be convenient to turn, stretch and lift legs;
  • easy to use for adults;
  • aesthetics;
  • various designs and shapes.

Varieties of cocoons

Depending on the purpose of application, cocoons for newborns are of two types:

  • for changing clothes and diapers( envelope, bag);
  • a mattress-chaise longue, placed in a crib( on a photo).

The first version of the

Baby in an envelope As mentioned above, it is used as a swaddling replacement. Although with their help and were grown many generations, now more relevant are the cocoons. A crocheted cocoon for a newborn can be of different sizes. But in order to avoid irritation and allegri, it is better to use for knitting( sewing) only natural yarns and fabrics.

According to many experts, swaddling complicates the knowledge of the world for newborns, as a tightly wrapped baby in a diaper can not move freely. Of course, this greatly simplified the life of parents. But the crumb at the same time does not feel comfortable. To date, if you want the "legs" to be flat, use a free diaper or pay attention to the cocoon envelope( on the photo ).

Knitted cocoon A knitted cocoon( or cocoon envelope) is more convenient to use. It takes a couple of movements, and your baby is already in the bag. He is especially relevant in the winter. Instead of a pile of clothes, which is usually in the cold, we are wrapping a child, use a cocoon. And if it will be knitted( crocheted, or knitting), this will create an environment reminiscent of the mother's womb. The child will not only be cozy, but also warm.

The big advantage of these "devices" is that you can do it yourself. What a great amusement for young needlewomen. A knitted or sewn cocoon, filled with the love of the mother, will create for the crumb an enveloping sensation of pleasant tightness. The more so that "manipulating" a crochet, you can embody the most diverse schemes, having received original patterns or an unusual design.

Cocoons for newborn infants not only crochet, but also knitting needles. The principle of knitting is quite simple.
All movements are performed in a circle. The needlewomen even compare the principle of knitting with a sock and a cap. Cocoons for newborns are tied to the size of babies. But with a small allowance at the top, since the knitted material is quite elastic.

The second version of

Mattress chaise longue A cocoon for newborns in the form of a mattress resembles a small cot of ergonomic shape. It can be placed in a crib so that the child can sleep in it. And just on a level surface as a chaise longue, if you want the child to be near you. Mattresses are made of soft material. They are able to take the form of the body of the newborn. Therefore, when a crumb is placed in such a device, it becomes very comfortable and cozy.

Being in a similar cocoon, the baby is removed from the spine. It is rounded, and the child adopts a posture similar to the intrauterine position.
This allows the crumb to relax and gladly learn about the world and perceive the environment.

Among the advantages of these ergonomic mattresses are:

  • ergonomic shape reduces the possibility of colic in newborns;
  • reduces the risk of muscle tone;
  • lungs are fully saturated with oxygen;
  • due to the elevation in the upper part( under the head) reduces the likelihood of the asymmetry of the child's head( plagiocephaly);
  • safety of crumbs thanks to a fixing belt;
  • easy to use and carry;
  • dimensions allow you to use the cocoon as a berth by placing it in the crib, as in the photo.

Kid on the mattress The invention is commercially available in various sizes. Each has its own purpose. So, for example, for the babies that appeared before the term, small cocoon mattresses are provided. They can be found in the departments of neonatology. There are also larger mattresses. In them, you can lay children from the moment of birth and until the onset of 4-5 months. Choosing cocoons for newborns is not difficult. It is enough to focus on the model range of products and the age of the baby.

Most young parents prefer a similar modern mattress. Of course, the cocoon-envelope made with crochets( knitting needles) is also convenient, but it only replaces diapers and several pieces of clothing. But ergonomic mattresses open new possibilities for newborns:

  • the kid calmly and longly sleeps, that influences his mood and protects the nerves of newly-made parents;
  • the child can look around without stress on the spine and neck;
  • thanks to the fixing crumb belt, parents are confident in the safety of the child.
Conversion cocoon for a newborn is probably the best modern invention of neonatologists.
The combination of all the advantages of a crocheted hook / cocoon needle, cocoon envelope or ergonomic baby bed mattress will not only help you develop a little bit better, get acquainted with the world, but also simplify the life of young parents.
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