A simple solution to the problem of children's colic

Packing Bottle in the medicine cabinet For sure, every mother knows that soon after birth most children begin to have colic in the digestive system. Whatever their reason, the manifestations are always the same - the child begins to get nervous, cries a lot, cries and shows signs of abnormal activity, trying to reduce discomfort. Many experts recommend giving a baby at such an age Espumizan, which does not include dangerous substances, but it is better to use the Babotik for newborns, which has a lot of advantages.

Its main positive feature is the absence of any impurities and additives that negatively affect the young organism, contributing to the emergence of pathological conditions in it. This Bobotik is much cheaper than Espumizan or its analogs due to the fact that it does not belong to a well-known brand.

Colic and its elimination

The main reason why babies have colic is the appearance in their intestines of a large number of gases that propel its walls and cause the most unpleasant sensations that cause anxiety to children.

In this case, the child is not recommended to give any more food until such an effect is eliminated, otherwise you can aggravate his condition and even cause considerable harm to the body.

If this situation continues for several days and is left unattended by the parents, the newborn can develop serious deviations in the development of the digestive system.

Babe cries for colic Of course, you will hear from experienced people advice to take Espumizan, Bobotik or alternative means to combat discomfort, but in fact you should start by eliminating their cause. In particular, the nutrition of the child and the mother should be normalized, since the colic most often arise from:

  • of the mother's ingestion of foods that cause active gas production;
  • frequent feeding for a short time - a newborn is better to feed every 4-5 hours for 20 minutes than 3 hours for 5 minutes;
  • improper dilution of artificial mixture - instructions for use must be observed with maximum accuracy;
  • the wrong size of the nipples - the baby should be given a mixture only with such a teat that will not allow him to swallow a lot of air while feeding.

Mom pours baby Bobotik However, whatever the reason, if the child has already started colic, it is necessary to use Bobotik for newborns. The mechanism of action of this drug is relatively simple. The instruction for its use indicates that the composition contains the active substance simethicone, which interacts with gas bubbles in the intestine. It breaks them down into smaller ones, facilitating excretion, and also instantly reducing pressure on the walls and improving the general condition of the body.

Espumizan has a similar effect, but the Bobotik is much better suited for the treatment of the youngest patients.

Recommendations on the use of

Before giving basic advice on the use of this medication, I again want to note that instead of self-medication, it is best to consult a doctor. Of course, colic is not a reason for hospitalization and carrying out many complex tests, but it will still be better if the child is examined by a qualified pediatrician.

Remember that if the cause of restlessness is not at all in intestinal colic, Espumizan, Bobotik and their analogs can not be given to children, since you can cause significant damage to their health.

The child eats from a bottle The babotik for newborns is applied from 28 days of a life of the kid, and before this time use of a preparation is strictly forbidden. After the passage of this period and up to three years, the instruction indicates the need to give the children 8 drops of this drug, which should be added to the bottle with food or applied to the mother's nipple during breastfeeding. Do not confuse Bobotik and Espumizan - the latter is recommended to give from a later age to avoid side effects.

When reaching the age of 3 years, it is best to give 14 drops to achieve the desired effect with discomfort in the abdomen. If you continue to use Espumizan or Bobotik after 6 years, you will need to carefully read the instructions for use to determine the amount of active substance per kilogram of body weight. In particular, from 6 to 8 years it is better to give 16-18 drops of the drug Bobotik, after which it is recommended to switch to other, more effective means, if they need it.

The main advantages of the drug

Bubble Bubble The main positive feature of the Bobotik is that the composition does not include synthetic dyes, sweeteners and other substances that are dangerous for the child's body. Yes, there, this drug does not even contain sugar, so it is allowed to use it after the 28 first days of life without restriction. Of course, in rare cases, allergic reactions to the main component of the drug Bobotik, but the likelihood of this is very small, and to completely exclude it, before using the medication, contact a qualified pediatrician.

Neutral composition does not allow the substance to react with any type of baby food, so the Bobotik is much better suited for mixing with milk or other products than its analogues.

The drug does not contain any components that could be absorbed by human metabolism, penetrate into the blood and be deposited in tissues. The bobotik remains only in the digestive system, and completely comes out with the natural waste of the baby's vital activity. If you are not sure about the quality of the drug, it is worth noting that it is produced by an enterprise specializing in children's medicines and observing the highest standards of purity, and also preventing the ingestion of foreign substances. Also, the bottle that contains the Bobotik has a special dispenser that makes it easy to add the drug to food or apply it to the mother's breast.

It is clear that it is better not to save on medicines for a child who has barely reached the age of 28 days, but this case is a pleasant exception to the rule. Significantly superior to other drugs of similar quality, Bobotik has a lower cost, which allows you to reduce the cost of buying drugs. In addition, you can buy it in any pharmacy without a prescription, and when you run out of one bottle, it does not have to be an appointment with a pediatrician and wait for a long time.

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