What you need to know about basal temperature?

Thermometer and temperature graph Body temperature can tell a lot about the state of health of the body, if properly measured. For this reason, during the period of the disease the doctor controls the readings on the thermometer. In our time, the definition of this indicator in women in various phases of the menstrual cycle is widespread. The basal temperature during ovulation gives a clear idea of ​​the period when conception is most likely.

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  • What is basal temperature?
  • Methods of measurement
    • Measurement in the rectum
    • Oral and vaginal methods
  • Basal method of contraception
  • Visual chart of basal temperature

What is the basal temperature?

Basal temperature is an indicator that is determined immediately after waking from sleep. In fact, this is the lowest value that a person can have in the period of the least physical activity, for example, during sleep or long rest.

A girl in bed holds a thermometer Measurement performed immediately after a person has woken up can show slightly overestimated results,

since the most correct basal temperature is an indicator measured during total absence of motor activity.

On what should be the basal temperature, affects the hormonal background. Sex hormones have a direct effect on this characteristic of the body. This is due to the fact that the menstrual cycle can be conditionally divided into two phases - the first begins with the onset of menstruation, and the second - on the day of ovulation. These two periods are characterized by different indicators on the thermometer, which regulate the hormone progesterone.

In the first phase of the menstrual cycle, the average temperature is held at 36.4 - 37 degrees. On the day of ovulation, it rises sharply by 0.3 - 0.6 degrees. The day before the release of the egg from the ovary, the value usually falls.

Then the basal temperature after ovulation increases dramatically and lasts until the onset of menstruation. If fertilization has occurred, then it tends to increase more. It is very convenient to conduct a graph of the phases of the menstrual cycle. Thanks to this technique, you can always know which temperature should normally be in this or that period of the cycle.

Methods of measurement

Measurement in the rectum

The standard way to determine this temperature is to measure it in the first minutes after the morning awakening. Measurement is carried out in the rectum. The thermometer must be prepared in advance, leaving it on the bedside table. Before and during the procedure, it is necessary to limit any motor activity.

The girl makes notes in the diary The procedure should be performed daily, preferably at the same time. A woman should be as calm and relaxed as possible so that the values ​​of the measurements are not distorted. All results must be recorded in a specially prepared table.

The measurement time is an average of 10 minutes. The most accurate are mercury glass thermometers, which allow a minimum error, unlike electronic ones. It is very important to use the same thermometer. It is necessary to remember hygiene - it is best to wash the thermometer after the measurement, treat it with a disinfectant solution and store it in water until the next use.

Oral and vaginal methods of

There are other methods of measurement, including oral and vaginal. They are not as accurate as measurements in the standard way, conducted in the rectum.

Among the factors that affect the value of basal temperature indicators, the following are distinguished:

  • alcohol intake;
  • nocturnal intercourse;
  • nerve stress;
  • intestinal infections;
  • hormonal disorders;
  • use on the eve of "unhealthy" food.

Determining the factors contributing to the change in indicators on the thermometer is a very important process, without which the basal method can not be used. They need to be fixed in exactly the same way as the morning measurements themselves. The most appropriate way for this is a graph or table that can be compiled manually or electronically.

Basal method of contraception

Temperature on thermometer 37.5 If you make measurements over several continuous menstrual cycles, you can clearly understand what basal temperature should be on the day of ejection of the egg from the ovaries. Normal is considered if the basal temperature for ovulation is 37 - 37.5 degrees .In a healthy woman, the cycle of the menstrual cycle is stable, so that you can easily identify the right time for conception, or use this information for natural harmless contraception.

Abstinence from sexual intercourse from the first day of the menstrual cycle( that is, from the date of the onset of menstruation) to the third day after ovulation guarantees reliable protection from pregnancy. The Perl index, which shows the probability of conception, in this case is 0.3, which practically provides protection, similar in reliability to hormonal contraceptives.

Often the basal temperature level is known to be affected by the hormonal background.

If you keep a clear schedule of all the changes, you can not only determine the favorable and inappropriate days for sexual intercourse, but also to identify hormonal disorders of the body at the very beginning.

This method helps to identify and prevent infertility, especially in situations where ovulation does not occur, and other diseases.

Visual graph of basal temperature

All measurements recorded in a table are most conveniently presented in a visual form. For such purposes, a graph is suitable, which can easily be compiled on paper or electronically with the help of one of the spreadsheet editors. The schedule can be expanded, noting in it the factors influencing the incorrect indications of basal temperature.

Such a visual image is a curve on which the values ​​of temperature measurements are indicated. On the horizontal axis, calendar days should be marked, and on the vertical axis - the temperature values. At the bottom, where the days are indicated, you can indicate the reasons that affect the body's condition, for example, alcohol use, sexual contact and others.

Basal temperature chart You can create a point chart instead of a curve. Next to such an image it is convenient to make notes that will contain information about measurements, days of the week and other factors. Having developed a little imagination, you can come up with a multicolored chart in which colors will be indicators of well-being, health, or designate different phases of the menstrual cycle.

The correct data for the systematization of information that the graph contains can be obtained after 4 to 5 menstrual cycles. During this period, one can not pass a single measurement, so as not to distort the results of the basal method. In the body of a healthy woman, basal temperature during menstruation, on the day of ovulation and other phases of the cycle should be at the same level.

A period when an elevated basal temperature is diagnosed in ovulation - a good time for conception of the baby or a reliable method of natural contraception. Thanks to such an available method, you can track different phases of the menstrual cycle. It is enough to keep a schedule that will contain information about the readings on the thermometer, exact days and any other information that can only affect all temperature changes.

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