How to take restful during pregnancy?

Bubble with valerian pills Pregnancy is accompanied not only by physical inconveniences, but also by mental manifestations of changes occurring in the body. Most women experience very strong emotions - they become whiny, often feel irritated, angry or depressed, which negatively affects the overall level of health and prevents the normal development of the fetus.

Almost always such manifestations of hormonal changes can be overcome without the slightest effort, but sometimes you have to use sedatives. Care must be taken here, since not all medicines can be taken by pregnant women. But there are exceptions - for example, valerian during pregnancy is used almost without restrictions, although its application has its own nuances.

Mechanism of action

Why can a valerian be prescribed during pregnancy without fear of potential harm to the mother and fetus? Regardless of the dosage form in which the drug is released, it contains only one active component, which is represented by the root of valerian. It does not contain toxic

substances or compounds, potentially dangerous to humans, so the drug is allowed to drink even in the first trimester of pregnancy.

Valerian stimulates the production of gamma-aminobutyric acid, which is the strongest neurotransmitter, that is, an organic substance that contributes to improving the conductivity of the nervous tissue. As a consequence, mental manifestations of hormonal changes disappear, the ability to adequately perceive the surrounding reality is improved, normal coordination of movements is restored.

With the help of valerian it is possible to eliminate the tearfulness and hysteria that often occurs during the first trimester, which positively affects the level of the woman's health.

In addition, the quality of sleep improves, headaches and migraines disappear, which often accompany toxicosis. However, take valerian with caution in any state of the body, because in large doses, this drug causes retardation of nervous reactions and excessive drowsiness, preventing a person from leading a normal lifestyle.

The doctor holds out the pill to the pregnant woman With the help of the drug, digestion can also be improved, since its regular intake stimulates the secretory function of the digestive system, increasing the volume of gastric juice and enzymes intended for processing coarse food. Take it is and to improve blood circulation, as the valerian dilates the coronary arteries and vessels that pass in the human brain.

Of course, complete recovery of diseases of the cardiovascular system can not be achieved, but the drug will bring significant relief in many cases. Drink valerian is recommended for tachycardia, including those caused by panic attacks, as well as with chronic arrhythmia, which adversely affects the quality of life of a person.

Valerian during pregnancy not only helps to cope with temporary mental disorders, but also significantly reduces the risk of miscarriage. The drug should be taken to reduce the tone of the uterus, which threatens premature birth, hypoxia of the fetus or impaired development of the child's body. In addition, it facilitates the state of the body with false bouts, which can be quite painful.

Terms and method of application

It is worth remembering immediately that drinking valerian in the first trimester without a doctor's recommendation is strictly prohibited.

Despite the absence of synthetic components, it is still a drug that penetrates the human blood, and therefore into the fetus, which receives the necessary nutrition from the mother. Taking valerian can cause the child irreparable damage, which will be expressed in allergic reactions, stopping or inhibiting development.

Doctors recommend using this medication only in cases when there is a considerable threat of miscarriage and the potential harm is much lower than the damage received in the absence of treatment.

Pregnant woman with an alarm clock in her hands In the second and third trimester, valerian can be drunk without such significant restrictions, but experts do not recommend using it longer than 2 weeks in a row. Also, the drug should be discontinued at week 36, because it is capable of inhibiting the ancestral activity, which can lead to fetal hypotension or hypoxia, which is detrimental to nerve cells.

During pregnancy, it is also necessary to closely monitor the body's response to the medication and discontinue treatment at the slightest sign of an allergy. If you do not stop taking valerian, you can get an anaphylactic shock in the mother or disrupt the development of the child.

The drug is available in three basic dosage forms:

  • alcohol tincture( most popular);
  • tablets;
  • powder or dried roots for cooking broth.

Tincture of valerian in the package It is forbidden to take alcohol tincture during pregnancy, because alcohol is a toxin that destroys the nervous system of the fetus, which gets very much damage from such effects. Doctors recommend drinking a decoction of dried roots, which has the most mild effect and the possibility of flexible dose adjustment. Also, often in pregnancy, valerian is used in tablets, since this dosage form is universal and completely safe for the mother and fetus.

Normal and excessive dosage of

As mentioned above, in the first trimester valerian is prescribed extremely rarely due to the possible negative effect on fetal development. However, if there is a doctor's recommendation, the drug can be taken twice a day for two tablets. Do not confuse the dosage of valerian extract in its pure form and other preparations containing this active substance - they may contain a different number of active ingredients, so it is very important during pregnancy to carefully study the instructions for all medicines.

Starting from the second trimester, it is possible to increase the number of doses of the drug to three per day, without changing the number of tablets used simultaneously. It is impossible to exceed this norm, regardless of the recommendations received from acquaintances, from various directories or articles on the Internet.

The result of an overdose may be an excessive decrease in the tone of the mother's body, which will reduce the amount of nutrients that enter the fetus.

The increased dosage of the drug can be used only with a large body weight or other physical characteristics of the woman's body, but this decision should be made by the doctor.

Decoction from the roots of valerian If you decide to drink during pregnancy, decoction of dried roots, it is worth to cook it correctly. To do this, 200 grams of warm water take 20 grams of dry roots and boil them in a water bath for 15 minutes. After that, the temperature is reduced and continue to heat the medication for another 45 minutes, not allowing it to boil. Ready tincture put in a dark cool place for a day - for this you can use a pantry or a loggia, which is especially important for the winter season.

You should take a decoction of valerian in the same way, but you should take into account that one tablespoon contains as much active substance as there are 2 tablets.

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