A selection of the best cartoons about dinosaurs

A boy flies on a dragon From the earliest childhood, a person is drawn to something unusual that goes beyond the usual reality. With age, this feeling gradually dulls, hiding under the weight of everyday worries, but does not disappear - adults are equally happy to read stories about dragons and dinosaurs, trying to imagine these incredible creatures that we can never see live.

The best option for adults and children are cartoons - they are able to give a very large scope to the work of imagination, and are perceived much better than read or narrated stories aloud. Among all the works of this genre are especially distinguished cartoons about the dragons - fairy creatures, endowed with supernatural abilities to fly and exhale a flame that horrifies thousands of people.

Watch them will be interesting not only to children, but also to adults, because most of the stories are based on ancient legends existing in the culture of many countries - due to this they are filled with non-trivial turns of events and links to even

ts that actually happened in the past.


Hits of recent years

  • "How to Train Your Dragon"
  • "How to Train Your Dragon 2"
  • "Dragons and Horsemen of Oluh"
  • Incredible Variety of
    • "Dragon Hunters"
  • Hits of the Last Years

    "How to Train Your Dragon"

    Ikking and Bezubik Surely everyone remembers thisa wonderful cartoon a couple of years ago it was spoken about by millions of people on the Internet. Its peculiarity was that the relationship between man and dragon in him was almost for the first time not represented by enmity, but by real friendship and self-sacrifice.

    The story tells of a long war between the Viking tribe and fairy-tale creatures who daily commit destructive raids on their settlements, hundreds of people became victims. However, during this war, a wonderful event happens - by trapping the dragon, the son of the leader manages to tame him and establish mutual understanding.

    Cartoon characters on dragons To thank for their salvation and treatment after the injury, a fantastic animal, to which the young man gave the name Bezubik, saves him from imminent death, which awaits him when meeting with another dragon in a training match.

    Cartoon ends very well - an unusual friendship helps to tame all the dragons and make them not enemies and slaves, but peace-loving neighbors and partners of the Vikings.

    "How to Train the Dragon 2"

    About a year ago, the long-awaited continuation of 1 part appeared on the screens of cinemas, which was given the uncomplicated name "How to Train the Dragon 2".

    Contrary to the trend in which cartoons, which are a continuation of previously released paintings, no longer correspond to the level set by the first parts, this exceeded all forecasts made by film critics.

    The son of the leader Ikking brought prosperity to the island, which had previously been subjected to devastating raids by dragons. But now he faces a new danger - in a remote country the villain collects his own army of winged creatures that should help him conquer the rest of the world, including those who live in peace with long-standing enemies.

    Poster cartoon How to Train Your Dragon 2 After watching the animated cartoon titled "How to Train Your Dragon 2", you will learn about where Ikking's mother disappeared, see the most incredible flying creatures, some of which can recognize the features of real dinosaurs, and you can enjoy impressive episodes of aerial battles.

    Compared to Part 1, the plot has become more dynamic and saturated - now most of the events are not on the island, but in remote lands that open the viewer to incredibly beautiful landscapes.

    "Dragons and Horsemen of Oluh"

    However, the picture "How to Train the Dragon 2" did not become final in this story. Seeing the success, which received the first two parts, the creators decided to launch an animated series, telling about the adventures of unusual friends - the young Ikking and the winged creation of Bezubik.

    Dragons and horsemen of Oluh Cartoon "Dragons and Horsemen of Oluha" tells about the continuation of cooperation between people and fairy-tale characters - now on one of the islands belonging to Vikings, there is a training camp in which the training of the most powerful dragons, similar to mighty dinosaurs.

    In part 1, it is here that the inseparable couple gets - at first they are ridiculed for their frail appearance, but they prove their ability to cope with the most difficult problems, beyond even the real glorified heroes. Soon they are entrusted with a very dangerous task - they must find a den of wild dragons who do not want to live in peace with people, despite the agreement concluded.

    Similar cartoons about dragons, regularly appearing on television screens, pleased the audience of any age who wanted to see the continuation of the story. Cartoon 2 season about the riders uses a very similar plot - cities have already been built that are designed for the peaceful coexistence of people and flying creatures, but there are other problems that are already completely peaceful, but no less unpleasant.

    In addition, in one of their flights, the heroes of two paintings, How to Train a Dragon, discover a wildlife settlement - real dinosaurs, who do not want to make peaceful contact with weak and helpless people. In season 2, friends have to solve two problems at once: to repel monster attacks and to seek a peaceful solution to the problem, which can cause too much destruction in the event of a real war.

    Whether they manage to tame wild creatures or end up with a massive battle for life and death will tell us the latest series of 2 parts, as well as the forthcoming season 3 season.

    Incredible variety

    In addition to the aforementioned series of wonderful paintings, there are other cartoons about the collision of people and dragons.

    With Knight with a spear on a dragon, one can distinguish among them works that are suitable for the older generation who has already reached the age of 14:

    • Age of Dragons 1,2( Dragon Age);
    • Dragon Spear( Dragonlance);
    • Dragon Dungeons( Dungeons & Dragons).

    "Dragon hunters"

    However, if your children still go to junior school, you can invite them to watch together this wonderful cartoon created by the German animation studio.

    Of course, unlike the pictures described above, there is not that friendship between people and fantastic creatures - they are sworn enemies, between which reconciliation can not be under any circumstances. However, you can also look at strange animals resembling huge dinosaurs, which will be interesting for spectators of all ages.

    Dragon Hunters Such a cartoon about dragons tells about a small people who have lived in the world for a long time, but foresaw the approach of dark times, which will bring the offensive of terrible creatures capable of flying and exhaling flames.

    Part 1 tells how a group of hunters gathered to gather the lair of these fabulous dinosaurs and destroy their leaders, scare them away from the human race forever. However, the cartoon is not so simple, because according to its plot, a traitor enters the team and seeks to help the dragons and bring them victory at any cost.

    Thanks to the unusual plot moves, the 1 series is capable of capturing many adults who will delightfully look at it to the end, without looking up to solve their problems. Children such cartoons help to distinguish between good and bad - put in a fantastic plane, life rules are better remembered.

    In part 1 the cartoon does not end - its creators decided to release a sequel that will tell about further developments in this wonderful world. Heroes continue to fight horrific creatures resembling dinosaurs, but they understand that all problems can not be solved by war. In the end, they try to build understanding between the various intelligent races, but this process will be very difficult and long.

    Similar cartoons are also very good for children who receive from them the rules of peaceful coexistence in one world, and learn to be tolerant even to their enemies.