Which Turkish resort to choose for a holiday with a child?

The sea in Turkey Turkish resorts have unique properties. They are incredibly diverse, and their tourist infrastructure is specially organized for a certain category of holidaymakers.

The answer to the question: where to have a better rest in Turkey depends on what the tourist is expecting from traveling to this country. Whatever his expectations, there will always be a place on the sea coasts of Turkey that guarantees a perfect holiday, amazing impressions and emotions.


  • Features of first-class holiday
  • Top list of summer Turkish resorts
    • Belek
    • Kemer
    • Antalya
    • Other resorts
  • Winter resorts in Turkey
  • What to see and what places to visit?

Features of first-class recreation

Among the popular tourist routes the Turkish direction occupies a special place. The resorts of the country are always on the leading positions. They are chosen by young people, couples with children and seasoned travelers.

Turkish resorts are distinguished by high service, equip

ped with infrastructure and great price variety. Nature also took care to provide many magnificent places for recreation.

Paragliding The list of entertainments that await guests of Turkey at the famous resorts, includes a lot of offers for active, passive and cultural leisure:

  • sea walks;
  • scuba diving;
  • paragliding;
  • skating on the board.

Extreme entertainment does not end at night. For fans of a measured rest - a game of golf and billiards is better. Tourists who want to combine beach-bathing holidays with cultural, can go on excursions for sightseeing.

To determine where it is best to relax in Turkey, you need to assess your financial capabilities and make a list of requirements for the resort. In the tourist catalogs of Turkey there is a proposal for everyone who chooses to travel to this beautiful country.

Top list of summer Turkish resorts

A guy and a girl are running along the beach Summer in Turkey lasts much longer than prescribed by the calendar. You can relax on the beaches of this country from April to October. The peak of the swimming season starts in July. At this time, the temperature of water and air reaches its maximum, as does the number of tourists. Those who prefer a more affectionate sun, go on vacation in August or in September.


Swimming pool in the hotel In Turkey there are many fashionable resorts with a VIP prefix. The most famous of them is Belek. In this area, everything is created for a luxurious luxury holiday: from the golf center to the most expensive hotels. Ultra-comfortable rooms, SPA-salons, magnificent beaches - you can relax in Belek at the highest level. But this is affordable only for wealthy people.


For tourists who prefer a democratic, but quality vacation is best suited Kemer. This is one of the most popular resorts in Turkey. It belongs to the category of quiet and respectable places for holidays, where you can go with a child. In hotels, an excellent service, on the beaches - clean and unobtrusive animation.

Children Another quality that has to aristocratic rest is a mild climate and picturesque nature. In August and September the weather is fine. In this area, curative air( which is relevant, if you go to Turkey with a child) and excellent beaches.

Kemer is better suited for rest with children. The hotels provide a lot of entertainment for small tourists, there is a children's menu in the dining rooms. For parents who come to rest with a small child, a professional nanny is offered. They can spend time together while the baby is under supervision.

Relaxed rest, pleasant beach procedures in clean sea and moderate cost are the components of the popularity of this prestigious resort of Turkey.

In July, there are quite a lot of tourists, in August their number decreases slightly, and in September you can enjoy a relaxing holiday.


Children on the beach Another place where it is better to have a rest in Turkey with children. It is a beautiful resort of Turkey, having the status of a family. Here on the Mediterranean coast is best to go with children in August. Those who like the hot sun, like to relax in July, and velvet tan can be purchased in September. On the beaches of Antalya clean sand, clear water and entertaining outdoor games. The coastal waters are not too deep, which is also an advantage for those who travel with the child.

Other resorts

A foam party Young people who have not yet had time to have children, it is better to choose Alanya, Bodrum or Marmaris. Here the most noisy parties and unceasing parties. To have a rest at these resorts is unusually fun and interesting, as in July and in August or September. The hotels offer extreme entertainment. Music here sounds from morning till night. Hotels can not boast of high-quality service, but this is offset by quite reasonable prices.

Turkey's winter resorts

In Turkey you can rest not only in July, August or September. If the vacation fell during the winter months, then it is better to spend it on one of the resort areas of this country.

Ski resort Uludag Winter resorts are actively developing in Turkey. The age of the ski resorts is quite young, but they have already gained popularity. This is due to such advantages:

  • simplified visa regime;
  • quality service;
  • reasonable prices;
  • developed infrastructure.

The advantages that Russian travelers will appreciate are Russian-speaking staff. The lack of such a large number of tourists, as in July, positively affects the quality of the hotel service.

The most popular winter resort in Turkey is Uludag. Its distinctive features are soft, gentle slopes. They are best suited for inexperienced skiers. This place is a wonderful choice for recreation with children.

Skier on the slope The second most popular is Palandoken. This is a wonderful place for ski holidays. The resort is open from December until early May. It has both high-speed descents and training tracks. Although this is quite an extreme rest, it is also possible to come here with a child. While parents will receive a portion of adrenaline on steep slopes, the kid will spend time with the nanny.

What to see and what places to visit?

In Turkey you can not only enjoy excellent beach holidays, in the resort areas there are many interesting attractions.

The ancient city of Phaselis In Kemer it's worth visiting the ancient city of Phaselis. Its age is 14 centuries. Very informative is an excursion to the ancient city of Olympos, which is located in the National Park. The unique natural attraction of Kemer is Beldibi cave complex with a magnificent waterfall. Another natural phenomenon is Yanartash or the burning mountain.

In Belek there is a park-reserve "Köprülü Canyon".It is better to go there with the children. Exotic flora and fauna are collected here. In Alanya there is an architectural monument - Alanya Castle, built in 1231.

There are many fantastic places in Turkey to spend a long-awaited vacation. At any time of the year there is a resort, where it is better to have a rest in Turkey for you.

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