Necessary things on vacation with babies

The girl keeps babies A trip to the sea with a toddler is an expected event. As for mother and child.

For mommy, such a holiday can mean the possibility to escape from the domestic life sitting in the liver, and for the child it symbolizes new impressions, species, and acquaintance with the world.

But such a trip means not only great adventures, but also a great responsibility for the parents. After all, now you take things not for yourself alone, but for a little man who requires a lot of attention and special items of everyday use, without which you can not do without.

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  • List of things
    • Baby blanket
    • Sealed plastic bags
    • Diapers
    • Clothing
    • Food and mixtures
    • Other things

List of things

We bring to your attention a list of things that you need to take with you on holiday with the baby.

Baby blanket

It does not take much space, since rest implies a warm season, but will be your savior in many unpleasant situations on the road. Often

the transfer to the hotel is carried out in air-conditioned cars, and there it will definitely not hurt you.

You can wrap a child when it's cold, or just hang up the car window so that direct sunlight does not interfere with the baby's sleep.

Sealed plastic bags

Will be irreplaceable in order to throw away used diapers, dirty wet napkins or empty jars from under the baby food.

Diaper Diapers

On travel, especially with a child, every extra thing taken increases the risks of forgetting something really important. Therefore, take diapers only with the calculation for the time of the road, focusing on the ordinary needs of your child.

Others buy on the spot.


Take clothes in a similar proportion: 1-2 sets for a day of rest. And of course, the true companion of all mothers are diapers, without which it is often impossible to do without, if you have a baby.

Take a few bibs, since such small items have a sneaky property to be lost at the most unnecessary moment.

Food and blends

Take with you to rest as much as possible to the child's usual food and mixtures, if he is on artificial feeding. In local supermarkets, there may not be mixtures and food of the brand you need, so take care of it in advance.

Do not forget about such important things as a bottle sterilizer and a night light. On the need for the latter, perhaps, it is not necessary to say. This is especially true if you live in the same room with other family members. Take a few removable nipples and clothespins for them.

Also take the baby's habitual nipples for bottles and a few covers.

Other things

Kangaroo( sling).It is very convenient to carry the child at the airport and just during the move. You will not always be able to use the stroller, because it often has to be put in luggage.

Bring a cream from diaper rash and stock up with wet and paper napkins.

A stroller and a folding baby cot are optional items, as in many hotels they are issued either free of charge or for a small additional fee.

 It is very important to take with you a first aid kit, formed according to the needs of the child and pediatrician's recommendations.

And of course, the eternal enemy of the skin on the sea is sunburn. Take with you to rest the cream before and after tanning in the required amount, and grab a couple of panyamok.

If you are going to the sea with a child, guided by this list, then you probably will not be trapped by surprises that can lead to unpleasant consequences. Good luck with the fees and a pleasant stay!

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