Cyprus, as a place to relax with their children

Inscription on the sea We love Cyprus Cyprus is rightly considered one of the best places to relax with children: a gentle sea, sandy beaches, lots of entertainment. At the same time, the Cypriots themselves treat the children very touchingly and benevolently.

Most of the hotels in Cyprus offer plenty of entertainment for children: children's pool with slides and fountains, playgrounds, children's animation program, which in addition to daytime activities include a children's disco evenings. No little guest will be left without attention!


A lot of fun is waiting for the kids outside the hotel. For example, camel farm "Camel Park", where children have the opportunity not only to treat camels with a delicacy and pat, but also to ride on these wonderful animals. In addition to camels in the park there are many other animals: horses, ponies, donkeys, deer and even kangaroos. All animals are friendly to people and gladly give themselves to iron and treat them with delicacy. It should be noted that the area where animals live

is very clean and well-groomed.

On the territory of the camel park, in addition to animals there is also a children's playground with an inflatable castle, a swing and a trampoline, and a large swimming pool. Camel farm is well located and it is convenient to get to it both from Limassol and Larnaca, and from Nicosia.


Donkeys Another interesting place in Cyprus is a donkey farm located in the vicinity of Limassol. This is a great opportunity to spend time with children fun and informative. The tour consists of two parts: riding on donkeys and acquaintance with the life of Cypriot peasants. First, the farm workers will instruct and select each and adult, and the child - a suitable donkey.

Then the whole group goes to the village monastery, where you will be treated with fresh oranges. After returning to the donkey farm begins the most fun part of the trip: to have organized a real feast - tasting meat with coal, local snacks, the Cypriot wine and vodka, and for the kids - fruit drinks and a special children's menu.

After dinner - fun contests and dances.

Water Activities

One of the favorite places for children's entertainment are water parks. In Cyprus, there are three: Fasouri Watermania in Limassol, Waterworld in Ayia Napa and Pafos Aphrodites Waterpark in Paphos.

Fasouri Watermania, located ten kilometers from Limassol - the largest water park in Cyprus as an area - 100,000 square meters, and the number of rides - 30 water slides. On the territory of the water park there are also three bars with snacks and two restaurants. In the water park there will be entertainment for everyone. For fans of extreme sports, such slides as "Black Hole" and "Kamikaze" will allow you to get a lot of thrills. For connoisseurs of peace, a lazy river, flowing through picturesque bridges, secluded grottoes and beautiful waterfalls, will surely be liked.

In the water park there is also a wave pool with different kinds of ocean waves, wide slide for the whole family, an unusual pool for fish-pedicure, populated by small fish, and many other attractions, including a roller coaster for the little ones.

The most unusual aquapark in Cyprus - Waterworld - is located in Ayia Napa and is the largest thematic water park in the world.

It is completely dedicated to the myths of Ancient Greece. The entire infrastructure and scenery of the water park are made in a single ancient Greek style, and even the names of the attractions are thematic. One of the most interesting "slides Fall to Atlantis" is the only slide in the world with light, sound and visual effects. Another hill - "Heroic deeds" - two pipes, wrapping the tower. A great way to compete, who will come faster!

There are many other hills, "Fall of Icarus", "Apollo Dive" serpentine slides, and for the most daring - semidesyatimetrovaya nearly vertical slide. On the territory of the water park there is also a wave pool, a lazy river and a pool for small children with slides, geysers and fountains.

Another interesting water park - Pafos Aphrodites Waterpark, located near Paphos. All the scenery and attractions are made in the ancient Greek style. On the territory of the water park there are more than ten water slides for teenagers and adults and eight small slides for toddlers. Also here is the largest in Cyprus family slide, with which you can move on the mattress of the whole family. After an active holiday, you can have a tasty snack in restaurants or cafes.

Cyprus is a fabulous place to relax with children. That you do not prefer - quiet rest on a beach or active entertainments - you for a long time will remember your holiday and you will necessarily want to come back here again.

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