What are the causes of painful urination in women and how to treat them?

The girl is holding a hot-water bottle on her stomach A common complaint of patients suffering from diseases of the genitourinary system is burning with urination. It is worth noting that the pain is more experienced by women than men. Burning with urination in women is associated with anatomical features of the urethra. However, social order is also not unimportant, which forces women to feel urge to urinate for a long time and not have the opportunity to satisfy a natural desire.


  • Factors predisposing to the occurrence of diseases of the genitourinary system in women
  • Provocators of the genitourinary system
  • Causes of women causing burning during urination
    • Non-infectious causes
    • Infectious causes
  • Pregnancy and pain when urinating
  • How to help yourself

Factors predisposing to the onsetdiseases of the genitourinary system in women

  1. Bladder A short or narrow urethra( urethra), which contributes to rapid prolapsecollision of microorganisms inside the bladder, and further to the kidneys and ureters.
  2. Uninsulated mouth of the urinary canal, and its too close to the vagina with its special microflora, easily entering the urethra.
  3. No women have a specific organ( male prostate), which would allocate a special disinfectant to purify the urethra.
  4. In most cases, women have to restrain the desire to visit the toilet for a long time because of the absence of such a toilet, which can not but create favorable conditions, in which there is burning and, as a result, pain.

In this case, as in many others, where prolonged abstinence from urination dominates, time acts as the worst enemy.

Provocators of the disease of the genitourinary system

The girl is sitting in the toilet Never burn with urination in women will not be groundless. Therefore, pain is, if not an indicator of any disease, then a pointer to a malfunction in the work of a system called an organism. So, let's consider the possible causes that can cause burning sensation in women when urinating:

  • stress;
  • presence in the body of foci of chronic infection;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • pregnancy;
  • subcooling;
  • mechanical damage during sexual intercourse, which contributed to the penetration of microorganisms into the urethra;
  • conditions requiring the introduction of a urinary catheter.

Reasons that cause burning in women during urination

The girl has a stomachache There are certain reasons that cause burning and pain in women with urination. Modern medicine distinguishes two groups of provocateurs. It is worth noting that quite often after these two unpleasant moments, itching is felt.

Non-infectious causes of

  1. Mechanical irritations by small stones that descend by the urinary system.
  2. Injury of the bladder.
  3. Violation of the acidity of urine, provoked by medication, or specific products.
  4. The neuromotorics of a healthy genitourinary system failed.
  5. External or internal compression of the urethra with spikes, scars, swelling.

Infectious causes of

  1. Cystitis or inflammatory processes of on the mucous membrane of the bladder. In this case, the urge to urinate is felt every 30 minutes, in small portions with the feeling of an unfinished act. Regardless of the portion, pain and burning sensation in women after urination is always felt.
  2. Urethritis or inflammatory processes that occur in the mucous membranes Woman and doctor urethra after urination is always accompanied by itching, burning and pain. It should be noted that the bouts of burning are wavy in intensity, and the color of urine becomes reddish, cloudy with a visual definition of flakes and mucus. You can see the blood.
  3. genital tract infections, such as chlamydia, gonorrhea, herpes, etc. Will also be accompanied by painful symptoms after urination. In this case, itching can occur in women of the external genitalia and of a different consistency of vaginal discharge.
To consider and other reasons, after which women may experience pain, itching and burning. Caution should: blood, namely bloody discharge, pain in the lower abdomen, discomfort at night.
Especially treatment for a gynecologist is required at a time when symptoms start to bother after pregnancy.

Pregnancy and pain when urinating

A pregnant woman has a stomachache Many women can experience pain and burning when urinating while in pregnancy. What are the reasons for this phenomenon? As a rule, it all boils down to squeezing the bladder, getting stones out of the kidneys or moving the sand, and also - cyst. If pain symptoms are felt at the end of the process of urination, then in 90% - you have cystitis. As a rule, it is manifested due to:

  • of urine stagnation, due to its incomplete excretion;
  • ignoring the rules of personal hygiene;
  • subcooling;
  • genital tract infection.
Do not try to treat this disease at home, because there is always the risk of causing irreparable harm to the developing fetus.
That's why the treatment should be qualified.

It must be understood that the burning sensation that occurs after urination, at the very end, in the middle or at the beginning can not be an unambiguous sign of cystitis. After all, during pregnancy, pain can also occur with kidney stones. In any case, the treatment is different. In the narrow space of the urinary tract, the movement of particles of sand or stones, both at the beginning and at the end of urination, causes terrible pain. From their movement in the urine there may be blood.

Pregnant holding pills in hands Cystitis or urolithiasis requires timely and qualified treatment, and in this case, wasting time in vain does not make sense. At the end of the treatment course you will feel the desired relief. Therefore, the important point is timely access to help and treatment, regardless of when you are experiencing pain symptoms: at the beginning, middle or end of urination.

During pregnancy, in the case of stones, three factors are considered:

  • severity of the disease;
  • gestational age;
  • character of pain.
If the presence of stones is insignificant, as well as their size, then the treatment will be expediently carried out at the end of pregnancy, in other words after delivery.
Among the appointments of the prenatal period will be a plentiful drink.

How to help yourself

Cranberry juice in a glass Painful sensations can be alleviated, but on condition of absence:

  • rapid pulse;
  • drowsiness or lethargy;
  • vomiting and nausea;
  • elevated body temperature;
  • changes the color of urine.

If blood is present in it, self-medication is prohibited.

Self-treatment will consist of:

  • pain medication: " No-shdi ", " Riabala ", " Spasmalgona ";
  • exceptions from the diet of sharp, smoked, salty foods and alcohol;
  • delivery of general urine analysis;
  • consumes throughout the day an abundant amount of liquid, namely: unsweetened tea, compotes, mineral still water, cranberry juice, decoction of cherry twigs or herb bearberry.
Drug treatment is only possible for the intended purpose.
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