Causes of Folding Nails and Ways of Treatment

A girl with a nail file in her hands examines her nails Many faced with a problem in which the nails on the arms strongly peel off. It does not cause any special discomfort, if it does not concern too far-gone cases, but detachment does not allow you to do manicure, use false nails, and also use other cosmetic means. If you encounter such a nuisance, you first need to establish why the fingernails are folded to eliminate the cause and understand what to do next. Most likely, you will have a long enough, although not requiring special efforts treatment.


  • The main causes of
    • Household chemicals
    • Electronics
    • Manicure errors
    • The lack of vitamins
  • How to restore the natural look?
    • Iodine
    • Therapeutic baths
    • Nail mask

The main causes of

The first step is to diagnose and find the cause that led to the detachment of the nails.

Household chemicals

Washing dishes with detergent The most common factor causing a sharp deterioration in the health of these cornified shells was the influence of chemical compounds

that are part of detergent gels for dishes, as well as washing powders and other household cleaners. Nails are especially exfoliated if you give water containing such chemicals to dry out on your hands, and do not wipe it immediately after the end of household work.

In addition, when it is not possible to wash a certain contamination without aggressive chemistry, do not ask the child to do it, because his nails, having a sufficiently soft surface, very quickly absorb all dangerous compounds.


However, now the effect of this reason is not so significant - recently many manufacturers began to make "soft" detergents, and the share of manual labor has decreased with the mass distribution of dishwasher and washing automatic machines.

Now the main factor that determines why fingernails are folded is the work with electronic devices.

Two children are playing with a tablet This effect can be especially strong in a child, since his nails have not yet hardened and get a sufficiently high level of protection from external influences. The greatest damage is caused by modern smartphones and tablets equipped with touch screens - when using them, fingertips and fingernails are exposed to a small voltage, gradually destroying the surface of the latter.

Also can affect the health of nails and cheap computer keyboards with protruding keys. To avoid delamination, work should be done on modern devices, and for the child in general to purchase a special ergonomic device.

Manicure Errors

Nail file nailing with a soft nail file If you often do your own manicure by trimming your nails with a traditional metal nail file, the reasons for stratification can be covered in this kind of beauty guidance. To do a cosmetic operation is a special ceramic file with spraying, which allows to avoid damage to the most sensitive tissues.

Also, you can not cut off the nails, sharpening them, or use the nail file, while the nails are not dry after washing hands. If you do this, they will very strongly absorb water through the damaged surface, which will cause them warpage and destruction.

Lack of vitamins

In a child, puffing nails are often the result of hormonal changes or shifts in metabolic processes occurring at a certain age.

In adults, such causes are much less common, but they are followed by a long unpleasant treatment, because, unlike a teenager, the probability of an independent restoration of the hormonal background will be minimal. Guilt in such a violation of the external beauty of a person can be and beriberi - the most important for nails are vitamins D, E, C and A, which are just washed away from the body of a child and an adult, leading a lifestyle with irregular eating and disturbing the regime of the day.

Causes may include the lack of adequate nutrients. Nails begin to break down if polyunsaturated fatty acids( fish oil, vegetable oils, lean meat, seafood) and proteins are missing. It is also necessary to eat more foods from foods high in iron, zinc, calcium and magnesium( for example, liver, nuts and cheese), or take appropriate supplements for food.

How to restore the natural look?

If you have determined why nails are broken and broken, it is also worth making sure that the cause of the problem was not fungal disease. Its symptoms are as follows:

  • Nail fungus on hand change the color of the nail to brown or yellowish;
  • increased fragility - the nail can break even as a result of a slight depression;
  • destruction of part of the cornified shell, which leads to loss of shine of the nail, and, at the final stage - to a decrease in its area;
  • yellow or slightly reddish patches on the skin of the fingers around the nails.

If you have these symptoms, it is worthwhile to see a doctor who will prescribe the correct treatment. Doing an independent elimination of the fungus is not recommended, because you can only aggravate the disease.


The easiest way to restore nails is to apply a thin layer of iodine solution on them.

This treatment is especially good for women, whose exfoliation is a consequence of previously used cheap manicure products or nails, which include synthetic substances that easily penetrate the human body.

Vesicles with iodine It is not necessary to be afraid of constant color changes of the nails, as the iodine gradually evaporates under the influence of the sun's rays, and within one day the hands will acquire a natural appearance. However, it is not recommended to do such procedures for the child, since for him an incorrectly calculated dose of the substance may be toxic.

Therapeutic baths

Also the state of the nails can be significantly improved if you use saline hands. Their recipe is very simple and so safe that it can be used for a child of three years and older. A teaspoon of sea salt should be dissolved in about two glasses of warm water and pour the resulting product into a small wide vessel - for example, a bowl or a special tray.

Therapeutic nail files with oils To provide the body with the necessary nutrients, it is worth placing a few drops of olive oil and lemon juice. Doing such a bath is a day, until the normal level of nail health is restored, and after - once a week for a sustained preventive effect.

Mask for nails

Also for the child the recipe of applying a mask on the nail surface will be safe. Its composition includes part of the ingredients used in the previous recipe - about 10 drops of lemon juice, olive oil and glycerin should be applied to a cotton pad, wipe their nails and put on cotton gloves. After a night spent in gloves, rinse your hands thoroughly with warm water( not cold, and certainly not too hot!).

Similar masks are applied daily for 1-2 weeks, after which it will suffice to do a compress once a week for 20 minutes with similar substances.