What is the best way to dress with ankle boots?

Yellow-green shoes Women's boots "ankle boots" in most cases are produced on a thick heel. Their most important feature is that they visually "cut" the leg on the ankle. For this reason, you need to think carefully about what to wear ankle boots, because the wrong choice can visually shorten the length of the legs. Especially cautious approach should be chosen for girls with low growth( less than 165 cm).

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    • models
    • models Features of the ankle boots that you did not know before
    • Beige lace-up shoes
    • Brown ankle boots on the
    • wedge Several "golden rules" when choosing

Models of the

models Today, shoe designers came up with many models that differ in style, color,material, method of attachment to the foot. There are products from natural and artificial leather, suede, velor, fabric.

Blue suede low-heeled shoes Suede boots are incredibly beautiful, soft to wear, have a rich color, but they are not desirable to be worn in bad weather, as suede does not tolerate the moisture.

The most practical - leather products, which are well manifested when wearing in the rain, easily cleaned of contaminants. Botillons can be sewn in such a way that they do not require additional fixation on the leg. Such models look the most modern.

Heeled shoes with lacing look more elegant and suggest a retro style. There are options on the platform, heel and wedge. Many are wondering what to wear ankle boots on a wedge. To find the right solution, it is worth to find out more information.

Features of ankle boots that you did not know before

Long brown skirt and black shoes Shoes, especially bright models on high thick heels, are "selfish."They take all the attention to themselves. For this reason, you can forget about the accents on a stylish skirt or cervical accessory, putting on this fashionable attribute.

Do not tolerate ankle boots of slovenliness or negligence in appearance. If the style of clothing is not well thought out, you risk looking ridiculous, combining shoes from the most expensive designers with "wrong" clothes. It is very important to combine colors competently and choose the material from which the shoes are made.

Ugly with these boots will look clothes with a wide cut - long coats, flared trousers, multi-layered skirts. Not suitable for this style and classic women's costume. Trousers with arrows will look comical in combination with shoes on a thick heel.

Long dresses, skirts in the French style - anything below the knee will look ugly, so lovers of "below average" length do not want to buy such shoes. The exception are cardigans - a stylish outfit that combines leggings, a warm elongated cardigan and ankle boots are very stylish.

Beige boots on the lacing

Winter beige low-heeled shoes We have long looked at the store, but do not know yet what to wear beige ankle boots? If your model is on the heel, choose a tight short skirt to the middle of the thigh, jeans, trendy leather pants, leggings, tight dresses. Footwear, which is fixed on the leg with the help of lacing, perfectly fits under clothes in the style of "casual".

In general, beige color is universal. He does not burden the silhouette. In comparison with other colors, such shoes do not shorten the length of the legs visually, so girls of different sizes will be ideal.

To make it easier to decide what to wear beige low shoes, we offer several combinations:

  • white silk blouse and red pencil skirt;
  • female pink shirt and tight green pants from the coton;
  • bright blue dress, decorated with peach neckerchief.

Similar options are good for every girl or woman regardless of her age. The combination of soft tones will not attract excessive attention, but will emphasize all the merits of the figure.

Brown ankle boots on the

wedge Stylists will definitely not answer the question of what to wear with brown ankle boots. There are a lot of shades of brown. It can be a shade of coffee with milk, and bitter chocolate, cinnamon, roasted chestnuts.

Suede brown ankle boots on a wedge with metal buckles These shoes are combined with many items of the wardrobe, as the brown color is one of the most versatile. Want to wear brown ankle boots on the heel - choose clothing from pliable, soft materials - wool, knitwear, warm synthetic materials to emphasize a restrained silhouette, elegance and confident character. Shoes on a wedge are better to combine with trousers and leggings complete with tight blouses and pullovers.

As the platform and the wedge are an indicator of comfortable shoes, they are well suited for everyday wear. This combination will not cause any discomfort.

Here are a few options with which to wear brown ankle boots:

  • black dress and tight tights,
  • dress of olive, orange, rich blue,
  • beige blouse and black skirt,
  • fitted shortened jacket and leggings.

Several "golden rules" when choosing

Designers and stylists in one voice give advice on how to wear these shoes correctly, so as not to look strange. Most of these recommendations look very logical. Here are some of them:

  1. It is not necessary to arrange shoes with voluminous and long clothes.
  2. Classic boots with lacing wear with elegant clothes in the spirit of "retro."
  3. Ankle boots do not combine with an evening toilet. Wear them during the day to work, study, or meet friends.
  4. Thin girls with a thin bone is better off giving up the massive boots, because they will look too heavy.
  5. The business toilet, which is a classic pants and skirts, does not fit with ankle boots.
  6. Buying shoes on a heel, platform or wedge, appreciate how comfortable they are, and how beautiful your posture and gait will be in such shoes.

Two girls in black and beige polubotinki on heels Any image can be supplemented with a variety of accessories. Ankle boots are combined with neck scarves, high-quality jewelry, appliqu├ęs on clothes. Harmoniously look ankle boots in combination with the tights of the most unexpected colors - dark green, dark blue, purple, red.

Combine different styles and colors in clothes and shoes. Do not be afraid to experiment and complement the outfit with fashionable, comfortable, practical ankle boots, so that your image is always irresistible and unique. Remember that such shoes are original in themselves, and always pushes people to further experiments and samples of new images.