How to choose a ring for yourself or your loved one?

The white thread is wound on the girl How do you know the size of a ring if you want to make a gift for yourself or for a girl? This question is especially important if the purchase is not made in a real store, but online, for example, at Alyexpress. Everybody knows how hard it is to guess with a size on such a site.

How to determine the ring size at home properly so that it fits well on the finger and you do not have to constantly change the ordered rings? For the purchase to bring pleasure to you or to whom you are going to present it, we give you good advice and recommendations.

Contents of

  • What lies under the numbers?
  • 7 methods for determining
    • Method 1. Jeweler
    • Method 2. Secret
    • Method 3. As a gift
    • Method 4. Paper
    • Method 5. Thread
    • Method 6. Pencil
    • Method 7. Dimension tape
  • What should I consider when choosing a ring?

What is hidden under the numbers?

The ring size means only its diameter. In some countries, for example, in Germany, the circumference is used.

Figure with different ring sizes German values ​​are easy to determine, they start somewhere from 40, whereas ours vary within 10-25 mm. Aliexpress uses the American table more often, here the values ​​start from 4 and end at 13.

For a thin finger girls usually get the diameters of the rings from 15.3 to 17.8, for a wide or large female finger fit 18-20.

A normal male ring starts:

  • for a narrow finger - from 18.5 to 20;
  • wide - 20,3-22,5.

7 methods for determining

Method 1. Jeweler

If you want to be 100% sure that the ring will suit you, calculate it best with the help of a jeweler nearby. He will professionally determine the finger size using different calibration rings or other special patterns.

Method 2. Secret

Unfortunately, this method at home is not applicable, except that someone from your family is a jeweler.

Ring with blue stone in hands Choose an embellishment that grips your finger most successfully. Now just go to the jewelry store - the sales consultant will easily tell you the diameter you need.

Such methods are effective if you just want to know the size of the ring for yourself or a girl with real purchases in the CIS countries. To order in foreign stores or on the Internet on sites like AliExpress you will have to convert the resulting value according to their size table. Usually it is presented in the corresponding tab "Product description".

Method 3. As a gift

Sometimes we need to measure the circumference of a finger without its owner and at home. How to determine the size of a ring, if you want to surprise your beloved or loved one with a beautiful or even engagement ringlet? After all, it's difficult to secretly measure anything from a girl.

We do the same as in the second method - we take the most successful decoration and measure the inner diameter with a ruler or caliper( this device is more effective) to fractions of a millimeter. Try to be exact.

Method 4. Paper

Method for those who do not have a suitable ring, for example, if you are choosing a decoration for a child or making a purchase on Alyexpress.

Determining the size of a finger using paper Cut a piece of paper 5 mm wide and 10 cm long, with an adhesive tape or a pencil. Wrap it around your finger so that you can easily, but not too easily and freely pull out your finger. Place a dash where the end of the distance you need is a pen or pencil. Now you can unfold the strip and attach it to the ruler, thus defining the circumference of the circle. You can also fix the tube with tape.

Further actions are the same - go to the store with a twisted pattern, or unfold the piece of paper, consider the diameter through the length of the circumference and voila - you can place an order for Alyexpress.

For those who do not know how to find a diameter: to convert it to a European size, you need to divide the resulting number by "pi"( 3.14) and look up the nearest suitable value in the special table for determining the ring sizes that can be found on the Internet.

The distance between the values ​​is usually 0.3 or 0.5 mm.

Method 5. Thread

Determining the size of a finger with a thread Take a smooth thread of medium width, about half a meter long. The material is not very important, the main thing is that it is not elastic. In addition to the thread, you will need a scissors or a pen, the marks of which will be clearly visible on the thread.

We wind the thread several times on the finger so that it does not fall on itself when turning. Now, very carefully draw a straight line from the top turn of the thread until the moment you made the bottom thread. Now it can be removed. The winding can be immediately cut.

Next, take the resulting lengths and measure their length with a ruler. The average arithmetic is divided by the number "pi" and we get our European ring for ourselves or our girl. Or not European, if you order for Aliexpress.

Method 6. Pencil

Suitable if you can not pick up the jewelry from the girl for a long time and you need to act quickly.

Male jeweler Take a piece of paper, a sharp-edged pencil or a simple pen and a suitable ringlet. Try to circle the inside diameter of the decoration as accurately as possible. With this piece of paper go to the jeweler, he will pick the right size. Or you do exactly the same as in the first method, if you need to place an order for Aliexpress - we measure everything with a ruler.

Method 7. Dimension Ribbon

We are looking for or creating a template for fitting the decoration. The width of the paper tape is about 2 cm, print out the scale and cut out a small hole at the opposite end of the paper. We paste into it the part of the template on which the scale is located, and put it on the finger. Now it remains only to tighten the improvised meter and fix the value.

What should I consider when choosing a ring?

You ordered a ring, having determined the right size at home, but it did not fit. Why? Although such measurements are not too accurate, but an error of a quarter or even 0.5 mm is usually not strongly felt.

Different ringlets on the left and right hands of the girl The fingers of the left and right hand often differ in width. Expect your size from the hand on which you will wear the jewelry. In addition, consider the presence of the knuckle through which the ring should crawl.

The finger is also usually thinner in winter than in summer. The lower the temperature, the narrower it is. The width also depends on the time of day - so, in the mornings they are usually thinner than in the evening from the amount of water drunk and from the well-being, therefore it is recommended to take measurements at lunch, at medium temperature and humidity.

The circumference of a finger changes over a lifetime, so you do not have to rely on long-standing measurements. Determine your size as close as possible to the time of purchase.

If you want to buy something for Aliexpress, where the values ​​are usually written for US residents, and the seller does not have conversion tables, you can convert the Russian size to American using a simple formula:( our size is -11.5) / 0.83.