Leather jacket - an indispensable element of women's wardrobe

Women Natural materials are always in vogue - and classic leather is no exception. Now, on the wave of returning to the fashion of the previous years, we can often see stylish images, the basis for which designers choose a leather jacket.

However, this piece of clothing is not so simple - you need to know what it can be combined with, not to overdo it with originality or, on the contrary - not to create a too simple style. Therefore, the question of what to wear a leather jacket remains relevant until now - and it can receive several different answers.


  • Freedom and rock'n'roll
    • Feminine image of
    • Decoration is not superfluous
  • Office everyday life and everyday life
  • For bright personalities

Freedom and rock'n'roll

Most famous designers suggest making the original leather jacket a symbol of a return to the insane spirit of the eighties- the beginning of the nineties.

To do this, they offer to wear uncomplicated models with straight zippers or butt
ons, and dewdrops, which as well as possible emphasize the discrepancy between the generally accepted patterns and the spirit of freedom.
In this case, it is best to choose a short model - preferably black, which can be combined with a variety of clothing items, without hiding the outlines of a beautiful figure, but, on the contrary - emphasizing them.

Leather jacket under the skirt and shorts The best option is to wear such a jacket with a medium-length skirt and uneven edges - this model will perfectly complement the overall style of the image, without violating its details. Shoes should also fit the general concept - it's best to pick up short boots with heels or low shoes.

A brown jacket should be combined with a more relaxed entourage - you can even use a dress that you can wear separately, not including it in a general style. In addition, the original option will be the use of shorts and T-shirts - this youth image is suitable for a party or even a visit to a night club.

Female image of

However, if you want to surprise others with an unusual combination of femininity and strength, then it's worth trying a new role - despite all prejudices, a black outerwear model can be worn with a beautiful lace dress. It is best to choose a long jacket, because otherwise the image will look somewhat unfinished and will not be able to produce the proper impression.

The brown model can not be considered in this variant, as it will be too bright, and the dress will be lost on such background.

Jewelry is not superfluous

Metal spikes on the jacket Separate conversation - about jackets with metal ornaments, for example, spikes. They perfectly emphasize the very spirit of rock'n'roll, unrestrained speed and all-absorbing freedom, which the modern designers are trying to bring back to life. Such clothes can be worn with almost any other elements of the image - it fits well with light jeans, short shorts and even miniskirts.

An attractive option is also to choose a short model with a lot of metal fasteners and buttons - it looks less aggressive, but it also attracts the attention of the surrounding people.

Office everyday life and daily routine

Office Style If you are wondering about what to wear a leather jacket, this does not mean that you should change your lifestyle radically. Such clothes can be worn as a daily accessory, which will not be an overly catchy element of a general style, looking inappropriately in the office environment.

For this, it is necessary to select appropriate models that will differ in external calmness and the absence of large flashy elements.

In particular, a brown jacket can be combined with white and beige color - it is best to wear a blouse and plain trousers, or give preference to the original strip.

Casual style clothes If there is no particularly strict dress code, then you can feel more free, by trying on a couple of days the style of "Kazual".In such a kit will include jeans, a beige blouse with a deep neckline, a large handbag and large glasses that can be worn on the hair. By using such options, you definitely will not have a question about what to wear with a brown leather jacket.

Feel yourself a true modern business lady if you wear a not too long leather jacket with a long black dress, not burdened with special excesses in the form of jewelry, decorative accessories, bright lightning and buttons.

A fairly strict image is created with a simple checkered blouse and black trousers - it looks a little brighter, but it feels strong and confident.

Shoes in any case should be selected with medium-length heels - they will fit the overall concept, highlighting your femininity, however, without creating an impression of vulgarity and swagger.

For bright personalities

Bright dress with leather jacket For those who want to really blow up the public with bright colors, do not limit yourself to classic options and dark colors. Forget all the rules that you knew until today - a dark leather jacket can be worn even with white dresses in a flower or with bright short models, which in themselves attract the views of others. Of course, in this case, the difficulty lies in the selection of accessories corresponding to the basic color, as well as the original footwear that emphasizes your unusual style - however, if desired, these problems can be easily solved.

This image can without any doubt be called youth - it will suit both for a simple evening walk and for a Friday trip with friends in a cafe.

Girl in red leather jacket The best colors for creating a fashionable image, stirring the attention of society, are:

  • yellow;
  • is emerald;
  • bright red;
  • deep blue;
  • is orange.