What is Boho style, and with what to combine it( photo options)

Girl in glasses In the early 90's, the style of the Boho in clothing was born. He combined fashionable style solutions. Its stormy dawn fell on the distant 2004 and 2005 thanks to the active support of actress Siena Miller and the model Kate Moss. Features of the style are the combination of many elements that are inherent in the style of hippies and bohemians. The founders of the boho are Mary-Kate, Christina Richie and Ashley Olsen.

Many elements of clothing, which consists of the described style, were widely used in the 60's. Almost all of them go back to the style of the female toilet of the 19th century, which is not unambiguously stated by multiple photos.


  • BOHO - answer glamor
  • 12 things must-have BOHO wardrobe
    • Skirts
    • shoes
    • hair bands and rims Dress with bright print
    • Sandals-gladiators
    • Cardigan or knitted cardigan
    • Felt or straw wide-brimmed hat
    • Blouse or loose tunic
    • Formless hippie bag and waistcoat
    • Jeans flare

Boho - glamor answer

Models in Bohai style In the style of a boho, the glamor response is glimpsed. The first is a mix created from national and ethnic motifs, elements of grunge, gothic and hippy, and gypsy accents. The secret of the style being discussed lies in the unbreakable connection, namely:

  • of delicate dresses and coarse shoes;
  • scarves and lace;
  • various fabric drawings and textures with multi-layering.
It's amazing, but the clothes in the style of the bokho are able to combine laces, flannels, leather, velvet, large stones, fringe, jersey and wool. Here, every little thing should be comfortable and convenient, and also create a cozy image.

Most of all, the style of Boho is suitable for girls, in the image of which there is a naturalness and drama.

12 things must-have BOHO wardrobe

Having decided to dress in the style of a boho, it is not enough just to look through several photos. You need to create your own personal wardrobe. It is easy to create with your own hands, using a variety of patterns or ready-made elements.


Boho skirt To create the necessary images, the skirt of maxi length( see photo ) is perfect. You can go back to it again and again. For the mixes, a T-shirt with a printed graphic pattern in combination of a vest-sleeveless jacket and a sandal-gladiator is perfect. This is a good option for full girls.

To create a comfortable and fast image, it is enough to put on a skirt with a V-neck and a monophonic top, decorating everything with a thatched wide-brimmed hat.


Should be of neutral color and must be on the ankle. Especially comfortable are those that fit the ankles are not tight. In this case, they can be worn not only with skinny jeans, but also with a short skirt.

There is only one thing to keep in mind: this kind of shoes must necessarily be comfortable, so the presence of heels, both small and high - is unacceptable.

To create a good style of clothes, you will need: a knitted loose cardigan, skinny jeans, a hippie-style rim, boots, skirts or maxi dresses.

Hair bands and rims

Of these accessories you will need hippie-style ribbons, flower-rims and turban bandages. If you chose a turban, it fits perfectly with curly, curvy hair, but the rim can be decorated with hair gathered in an ordinary tail.

Dress with a bright print

Bohemian dress Picking up a style of bokho in clothes, you need to ensure that they are not only geometric and clear, but also floral, romantic, ethnic.

In this case, out of clothes, shoes, accessories are allowed such options:

  • addition of dresses with massive jewelry;
  • dilution of the general image of sandals;
  • use of evening romantic images.

You can wear a denim vest on the dress to give an image of a casual look. The originality of the maxi dress will be given by a loose knitted sweater and previously specified boots.


Sandals-Gladiators Thanks to its design, the gladiator sandals are sitting tightly on the foot and do not slap on the asphalt( see photo ).It should be remembered that gladiator sandals significantly shorten their legs visually due to the presence of horizontal strips on them.

These sandals are widely used in Boho style, due to their versatility, which is noticeable not only in the photo, but also in life on the streets of cities. They are great for full ladies, as well as perfectly combined with shorts, skirts, dresses, skins.

Cardigan or knitted cardigan

Girl in Boho jumper In order to create a bohemian fleece of clothes, it is better to give preference to a thin knitted sweater, better laced or slightly transparent.

There is also the opportunity to create a cool and fast Boho style. To do this, you will need to wear a jersey under the oversized sweater, and add all flared jeans, a shapeless bag over your shoulder and a rim created in the style of a hippie.

Also, no one will forbid you to put on a knitted lace sweater over a dress with a floral print, and to make the whole combination of clothes match, strapped with a strap. To complete the image, you need to use a thick knitted scarf, knee-high boots and knitted golf.

Felt or straw wide-brimmed hat

The girl in the hat In any case, to create your style, one and the other will do. Among the options, even for fat women, you can stop the attention on a simple straw hat with a sarafan, sunny big glasses and gladiator sandals. You will get a perfect image not only for summer walks, but also for picnics.

No less perfect is the second option, when you dress your body in jeans, a tight top with a V-neck, and decorate everything with ballet shoes and a massive scarf.

Blouse or free tunic

When the style of a Boho is specified in clothes, then, probably, the first thing that comes to mind is a tunic. Despite the fact that peasant-style tops made of crumpled cotton with embroideries did not occupy the top of fashion, they are perfect for girls who prefer a natural type. Nevertheless, such a design can grow into a heading "this is too much."In this case, the choice can always be stopped on a tunic in the style of an ordinary T-shirt.

The offered clothes can be combined with flared jeans, massive costume jewelery and sandals on the platform. Tunic can be worn to leggings, knee-high boots and all this "wrap" a scarf.

A shapeless bag in the style of a hippie and a waistcoat-sleeveless shirt

Bohho style A leather handbag small or large is just that accessory that is able to put together the whole boho image. In this part of the conversation, one can distinguish a handbag over the shoulder from the options, which will free the hands, the presence in this element of fringe and other components of natural stylistics and the use of "own" pattern.

Numerous photos confirm that a waistcoat-sleeveless shirt in this style is excellent for everyone, and full women in as well. Especially if it is made by own hands. They are not only indispensable in the wardrobe, but also universal and practical. A waistcoat-sleeveless shirt perfectly matches with long dresses, floral dresses - skater or ordinary T-shirts.

Considering the traditional options, it is possible to offer:

  • jeans vests that look great with any thing from the wardrobe;
  • waistcoat-sleeveless with sandals;
  • T-shirt with V-neck;
  • waistcoat with skirt in the floor.
Many photos show how wonderful vests with fringe look, despite the fact that they represent more hippy style.

Jeans flare

For full ladies, such jeans worn in the early 2000's will not work, but they are able to make some shoes into something fantastic. It's about sabot with high heels, sandals on the platform, sandals-gladiators.

Jeans flared better to combine with a volume scarf, knitted jumper, sunny large glasses.