To be fashionable or to be a self-sufficient person?

Five Manikins in a Dress Do I need to trust stereotypes, creating my own look? Yes and no.

It is necessary to follow fashion, these are the laws of public opinion. For their own peace of mind, people buy clothes, cosmetics and shoes, use the services of stylists and perform actions based on a certain general formula. This formula is simple and consists of the opinions of certain persons who set the direction of movement, and then from the public reaction to this.

For example, new models of clothing have been favorably evaluated and accepted by the powerful of this world and mass production begins. People visit stores, learn the covers of fashion magazines and carefully copy favorite clothes, hairstyles, accessories. It would seem that you just formed your wardrobe from novelties and shelves is no longer enough, but another wind of change blew and again many other fashionable things are on the shelves.

At some point, chasing fashion bored and there is a desire to create your own style, as if from puzzles of purchas

ed things, we invent something that sets us apart from the crowd. But even here everything is not so simple, everyone has a certain image in their minds, we try to match it, and more often than we would like this image absolutely does not fit our appearance, nor the rhythm of life or even the weather. As a consequence, we often meet people whose appearance and clothes seem to us more ridiculous than original.

What should I do? Follow the fashion and not cause public indignation or try to be an outcast after chasing your own style? It's simple. The style has time and space and has its own fashion. We are not unique in our desire to be not like everyone else.

Surprisingly, it's very fashionable to be original, but there are certain rules.

The right combination of color, it is undesirable to combine sportswear and classics, for this already there is a mixed style of urban type, in fact you can experiment within the same style as you like, but be careful in your endeavors. A huge request to the girls, do not forget to wear shorts and skirts with translucent leggings, do not confuse tight trousers and nylon leggings.

Young women and young girls cause the maximum number of disturbances and confusions. It is not surprising, the female body is very beautiful and attracted the attention of people at all times. How to dress is decided by the girl, but under the influence of the moment, the desire to be noticeable and attractive, she misses the most important.

Girl in a short skirt on the snow Health - first of all

Before you wear a short skirt and thin nylon pantyhose in late autumn, think about countless diseases that threaten your health, or basic safety. Your attractiveness and defiant clothing can play a cruel joke when on a dark evening you will return home.

Women's appearance is not only an eternal temptation for men, but also a possible problem in their studies and work.

Against the whole world?

Young women live under the close attention of colleagues, friends and relatives. Perhaps that's why they want to get rid of advice and instructions about clothes, hairstyles and makeup. Under the pressure of the public, they do not stand up and in many ways begin to act in defiance. As a consequence, we observe inappropriate originality and once again condemn the fact that our concepts of beauty do not fit.

Everything is good in moderation, let's meet our notion of propriety, dress in the weather and not shock the surrounding figures with open merits. Fashion is only a temporary, fleeting opinion of manufacturers of cosmetics, clothing and people with access to the media.

This is how millions and millions are earned, like an arms race, one thing succeeds another and this is only a marketing move in order to enrich itself.

Once, each of us becomes a victim of this race behind the clothing fashion, and someone can never get rid of someone else's influence, firmly entangled in stereotypes. Nothing terrible happens, because the desire to match is just a desire to be a part, not to be left alone. If a person is so simpler, easier and more pleasant, then he does the right thing.

In my opinion, a unique appearance is more suitable for a happy person, they seem free and pleasant to look at. After all, they do not need to worry that their things suddenly cease to be considered in a trend. If you do not believe, dress like you like and walk along the street with a haughty, spiteful face.

After a walk, thinking about something pleasant and light up your face with a barely perceptible smile, be polite and the difference will amaze you. You will understand the point is not in your clothes, hair and shoes. Public opinion is made up of your behavior, your manner of holding, from the attitude towards people.

Stereotypes are part of our concept of the world or rather the scheme by which we live.

So it's easier, you do not need to constantly analyze what is happening, fashion has become a part of our world for a very long time. The desire not to comply with fashion follows from the desire to be outside the scheme, to create your own picture of the world from the usual puzzles, at least in clothes, make-up and hairstyles.