What kind of shoes to wear this fall to stand out from the gray mass?

Women Autumn is a time when every woman just needs to be bright. In the early autumn, when trees begin to discard the leaves of all the colors of the rainbow, to be bright means to match the time of the year, and in late autumn, famous for its melancholy and gloomy atmosphere, play in contrast and thus attract attention.

After reading this article, you will find out what shoes you need to wear in autumn to look spectacular and stand out from the crowd.


  • More vivid colors
  • What to wear?
  • Be creative!
  • And for men shoes

More bright colors

This fall I'm in vogue bright colors: yellow, orange( classic), snow white, bright red, emerald, etc. Picking up shoes, remember that its color should be combined with the color of the clothes.

 Do not wear shoes or boots of white color to black or bright clothes.

Black shoes are not an example of a bright autumn fashion, but they can be combined with a red top, creating a spectacular fire image. In th

e event that your shoes have decor elements, and it does not have one particular color, you can combine it with any outfit.

What to wear?

Women It should be noted right away that this article is about women's shoes( except for the last paragraph) excluding running shoes, sneakers and shoes. This autumn it is recommended to wear shoes with a high heel.

In the early autumn, when the street is warm enough, you can wear "boats", shoes with a hairpin or barefoot sandals. As soon as the cold comes, go on ankle boots - the main trend of autumn - and old good boots. Do not wear such a tasteless model as losers or monks.

Be creative!

The best way to stand out from the crowd is to wear original shoes that it's hard not to pay attention to. Creative variation can be bought, and you can do it yourself, for example, if you draw well, pick up felt-tip pens and draw beautiful patterns on your white shoes( but it's better to buy it after all).

What kind of original shoes are you talking about? To answer this question, think for a second which shoe model would surprise you personally. These can be intimidating snake-boot stockings with a bright serpentine pattern or knee-high boots from the patterned leopard fur. In general, dressing under the skin of reptiles or fur of different animals in fashion this fall. Quite original will look shoes with laces. Thin, even tied laces will give shoes vintage.

An interesting solution can be shoes with a lot of decorative items on it, for example, baroque shoes made of red corduroy or velvet with small rhinestones of different colors on them. You can also use embroidery of various patterns and decorative flowers, for example, on the clasp of shoes. Such shoes look very luxurious, and they do not "beat the pockets".

Do not be afraid to experiment with your shoes - choose unusual, sometimes even catchy options. Your task is to be inimitable, and for this it is necessary that your shod legs are not the same as for everyone.

And for men shoes

A few words about what to wear to men.

Men Forget about the big sneakers, and even more so about the sneakers. If the sneakers, although not attract attention, but, at least, give a sense of comfort, then the sneakers( even very fashionable) - absolutely not the autumn shoes. The choice of a fashionable man this fall - moccasins, shoes, shoes and shoes.

This fall in the fashion of shoes Derby, oxford, desert and monk. They can be worn in warm weather in early spring. When the rains begin and puddles appear on the streets, go to the shoes or shoes. Men, unlike women, are not recommended to wear too bright models in autumn with decorative products on them.

Use these tips to choose shoes for your style. Remember that it should be bright, original and effective. Be radiant in nature, and you will be able to stand out from the crowd.