All the most interesting from the life of Elizabeth Boyarska

Elizaveta Boyarskaya A talented actress of theater and cinema, a pupil of the great Dodin, Elizaveta Mikhailovna Boyarskaya, despite her youth, the prima of the Maly Drama Theater, located in St. Petersburg, managed to perform many main roles. More details about the life path will tell only the biography of the famous Lisa Boyarska.


  • Childhood years
  • Student life
  • Own bread
  • Personal life

Childhood years

In December 1985, on the 20th of the day, Leningrad heard the voice of Elizabeth Boyarska for the first time. A girl was born in Elizaveta Boyarskaya in her childhood family of folk artists Mikhail Boyarsky and Larisa Luppian.

Her childhood was filled with classics and jazz dances. The girl also graduated from a teenage model school, which helped her to be completely liberated, to become self-confident. The educational school did not attract the attention of young Elizabeth. Her assessments were very mediocre. Nevertheless, in recent years Lisa has managed to catch up, thanks to her tutoring, and to increase

her academic performance to the required level.

The first film debut of Lisa Boyarska took place in her thirteen years, when she played the role of drug addict Alice, the daughter of wealthy parents, in the film called "Keys to Death" .At the same age, the young lady has time to try herself and in episodic roles. This is the series "National Security Agent - 3" .Nevertheless, in her life plan there was no place for the profession of an actress.

Elizaveta always considered her PR as a PR.

However, you can not escape from fate. After school graduation the girl starts to attend preparatory courses, in order to devote herself to journalism in due course. However, she soon realized that this was not her vocation. Final doubts dispelled visits to the newly opened Uchebnog The Boyarsky Family about the theater "Na Mokhovaya".This event, which her biography does not conceal, edited the future course of life. For parents, this change in views and beliefs was a big surprise.

No one in the Boyarsky family could have thought that the path of the actress would be chosen by Elizabeth. Father and mother placed high hopes on their son Sergei, but fate decreed the lives of children differently.

Student life

Theater of Europe Liza Boyarska made her fateful decision two months before the beginning of the entrance exams. For such a short period of time the applicant had time to prepare for entering the St. Petersburg State Academy of Theater Arts. The entrance examination took more energy than the entire period of preparation. She was "chased" by the examination committee for more than an hour. During this time, Elizabeth managed to:

  • show herself in the dance;
  • boast of vocals;
  • show knowledge of several foreign languages.

She managed to prove to the examination committee that she is worthy to study within the walls of their school and claim the "title" of the student.

Professor and People's Artist of Russia, outstanding theater director Lev Abramovich Dodin was the teacher and mentor of Lisa Boyarska.
The girl showed not only great diligence, but also managed to prove that she is worthy to continue the dynasty of the great Boyarsky. For her work she was awarded the Presidential scholarship.

Elizabeth Boyarskaya in her youth Her biography holds one interesting fact: even during the training, the girl managed to brilliantly take part in two productions, which belonged to the Little Drama Theater. For the performance of the role of Gonerelia in the play called "King Lear" , she was awarded the "Golden Soffit" .In the comedy play "Blah" she played the role of Guryevna - a district matchmaker.

However, not only the theatrical life was filled with the years of Lisa Boyarska. She also actively built and his film career. In 2003, she starred in the films: "Demon of the Noon" and "Cobra. Anti-terror », where she played small roles. The following year, she already participated in the filming of a military German-Italian drama called "Bunker" directed by Oliver Hirschbigel.

After a year she was offered the first big role in the film work of Alexander Rogozhkin. In his military drama titled "First after God", she played the role of a touching girl Tanka, hopelessly in love with the brave captain of the submarine. In the same 2005, Elizabeth starred in the role of Françoise Faberge in another film "My Other Life".The historical tape described the post-revolutionary period.

Elizaveta Boyarskaya always preferred shooting in historical paintings, since even today she considers herself to be a completely out-of-date person.

Елизавета Боярская в фильме "Грозовые ворота" No less fruitful in the days of her student life, was the year 2006. During this time, several films were screened with her participation:

  • "Junker".
  • "Touched."
  • "The Storm Gate".
  • "Spare instinct".
  • «Park of the Soviet period».

According to the biography of the talented Lisa Boyarska, her work in the melodrama "You Will not Leave Me", filmed under the direction of Alla Surikova, deserves special attention during her student years. The piquancy of filming consists in the fact that in this picture the daughter was first shot with her father.

Elizaveta Boyarskaya recalls that the shooting in the melodrama "You Will not Leave Me" together with Father Mikhail Boyarsky were very unusual for her and gave him a rather interesting experience.

Own bread

Елизавета Боярская в спектакле "Жизнь и судьба" After Elizabeth graduated from St. Petersburg Theater Academy, she was admitted to the staff of the Young Studio MDT - Theater of Europe. It was here that her acting talent was revealed in her student years. The same year was marked by the premiere of the legendary performance under the direction of Lev Dodin, called "Life and Fate" .He was put on the same novel by Vasily Grossman. Naturally, for Lisa Boyarska in it was the main role - Zhenya. Rehearsals of the play continued for a long four years. This time almost completely falls on the years of Elizabeth's studies at the Academy.

In the creative life of Lisa Boyarska , "Life and Destiny" takes a special place, as it was he who played a key role in the formation of the great actress.

In 2008, Elizabeth's repertoire was supplemented by two more equally significant theatrical works. In the enterprise named "Cyrano de Bergerac" the girl played the role of Roxanne, and in "The fruitless efforts of love" - Rosalines.

Елизавета Боярская в спектакле "Король Лир" The next year was also fruitful for Lisa Boyarska. In particular, her biography replenished with a play staged by Tennessee Williams, called "A Beautiful Sunday for a Broken Heart" by .In her, the actress was given the role of a lonely unhappy woman Dorothea.

There are practically no gaps in the creative life of Lisa Boyarska. Every year is filled with work.
Nevertheless, the most memorable was just September 2011. During this period, Elizabeth's teacher and mentor Lev Dodin begins rehearsals of the play "Deceit and Love" , which belongs to the pen of Johann Christoph-Friedrich von Schiller. In this work, as in all the previous ones, the actress is given the main role. She plays a music teacher - Louise. The premiere of the performance took place in September 2012 on the 28th and became a real triumph in Peter's theatrical life.

Personal life

Boyarsky and Matveyev In addition to studying and working, the biography of the actress is filled with interesting moments from her personal life. A special place among the memorable dates of the daughter of the Musketeer takes place on July 28, 2010.This is the date of Elizabeth's marriage. Her husband was quite young, but already very popular actor Maxim Matveyev. He lit up in the movie "Dandies".The novel, which ended with the wedding, started back in 2009.

Feeling of lovers from the movie "I will not tell" smoothly flowed into real life. However, on this way there was a small barrier. The fact is that at the time of filming Maxim was already married. His chosen one was Jana Sexte, a theater actress who performed roles in the "Snuffbox" .For the love of Boyarsky, he had to dissolve the first marriage. The novel of the new couple lasted no more than a year, and the date of the wedding was scheduled for July 28.

July 28 was chosen by Elizaveta Boyarsky and Maxim Matveyev not casually. It was on this day that he celebrated his next birth. The date is symbolic. It meant not only his birth as a man, but also a devoted husband, captivated by the talent of Lisa Boyarska.

The wedding trip of the newlyweds passed under the sails of a chic sailboat that cruised to the United States of America. This event took place in the first month of the new 2011.

After the pleasant events the newlyweds returned to work. From the first days the couple had to live in two cities: Maxim was in Moscow, and Elizabeth in St. Petersburg. Deep in her heart, Lisa knew that it would be better to settle in Moscow, but she could not leave the theater on the Neva.

Elizaveta Boyarskaya with flowers On April 7, 2012 the couple received a wonderful gift from heaven: they had a baby who was given the name Andrei.

Since the marriage of Lisa Boyarskaia and Maxim Matveyev, the biography of the actress is starting a new page of her life's path, but taking into account the joint achievements, among which is worth mentioning:

  • prize from the press at the IV International Film Festival in Cheboksary;
  • award for the magazine Hello - "The most stylish pair of Russia";
  • prize for the best ensemble in the film "Do not Soot", received at the 9th International Festival "Spirit of Fire";
  • won the "Couple of the Year" nomination from the magazine Glamor.