The amazing life of an amazing person - biography Marlene Dietrich

Marlene Dietrich Not just a singer and not just an actress. Not just a legendary voice and beautiful legs. This is Marlene Dietrich - a woman-legend. These are masterpieces of von Sternberg, front-line performances, bare dresses and men's suits. Her biography is full of countless love connections and consists of a million myths, riddles, inventions and revelations.


  • Ambiguity begins with the name
  • The ambiguity begins with the name
  • The birth of the blond girl
  • The family - memories
  • Three "K"
  • Seductive study
  • Romantic travel Marlene
  • Even age did not stop it
  • Sorrows and joys of creative life
  • Closer to the fateful date
  • Mystery of death

begin with the name

Family Dietrich The life of Marlene Dietrich, like her biography, is associated with a pseudonym. At many the name of the actress caused admiration, but it sounded somehow plebeian, because in the translation from the German language Dietrich means a master key.

The first myth that envelops Marlene Dietrich

is associated with her pseudonym, which in fact is the real name of Mary Magdalene von Losch. The girl was from an aristocratic German family. It was believed that so she called herself at the request of relatives when she went on stage.

Together with the real name Marlene Dietrich inherited from Father Louis Luis Erich Otto Dietrich the correct ideal features of a symmetrical face, as well as the spirit of a Prussian handsome officer.

The birth of the blonde girl

Young Marlene Dietrich The blond, pretty child was born immediately after the celebration of the first Christmas in the 20th century in Berlin's suburb of Schoeneberg in December 27, 1901.

Father Marlene Dietrich was a hero-bearer who fought in the Far East. After the war, he got a job in the police as a lieutenant. The mother of the girl, Josefina Felsing, came from a family of wealthy jewelers and watchmakers in Berlin. Therefore, the marriage was at the level of the corresponding social groups.

The little starlet Marlene Dietrich was christened Mary Magdalene at baptism, nevertheless, she was simply called Lena in the walls of her home. The girl did not like the name, and she came up with her own unique - Marlene.

Family - memories

Young Marlene Dietrich In his memoirs, Marlene Dietrich often describes his father, not as an important figure in his life, but a vague, elusive shadow that emerges from nowhere. This is not surprising, since the baby could not remember him. Parents filed for divorce when she was not yet six. Soon, under rather mysterious circumstances, the father dies. There is a version that he died to death after falling from a horse.

During the First World War, Marlene Dietrich's mother enters into a second marriage. The lucky man was Eduard von Losch, an aristocratic officer. In her house she worked as a housekeeper. There were no weddings, everything was limited to a modest wedding, as the groom was hospitalized with a serious wound.

As a result of the blitzkrieg, which lasted exactly seven days, the lovely Josefina Felsing-Dietrich turned into a noble Frau von Losch. Nevertheless, Eduard von Losch did not manage to give the girls their surname and adopt them - he died from the injuries received.

This is another mystery from the life of Marlene Dietrich, which will not tell every published biography.

Marlene was not the only child. With her there was always her younger sister Lizel or Elizabeth.
Memories of the actress about her were always meager, and the words addressed to her were as follows: "I was the only child in the family" .About Elizabeth was forgotten during the Second World War.

Marlene Dietrich in childhood In 1945, Liesel, along with her husband Georg Willem and son, was found in the walls of the concentration camp of Bergen-Belsen by the advancing troops. Nevertheless, they did not stay there as prisoners. The fact is that he kept a small cinema and canteens in Belsen, thus providing some kind of entertainment to the camp staff. Within the walls of the house Marlene Dietrich called Georg "Nazi", although he was not an SS, and in the public she completely crossed out of her life not only his husband, but his sister along with his nephew.

Three "K"

Actress Marlene Dietrich The education of her two daughters, Josefina Felsing von Losch, was engaged personally. She had a tremendous impact on girls. Being a classical German Hausfrau, her life consisted of three "K", namely:

  • Kinder( children);
  • Kiche( kitchen);
  • Kirche( church).

Between the girls, my mother wore the nickname "Dragon" or "Good General" .Very often, Marlene Dietrich described her mother as follows: "My mother was not kind, she did not know how to sympathize, she did not know how to forgive, and she was merciless and unyielding. The rules in our family were rigid, unchanging, unshakable ".

Seductive study

Марлен Дитрих в фильме "Марокко" For the school desk Marlene Dietrich sat very early. Especially she was interested in French. At the beginning of the war, her favorite teacher disappeared, and for the girl this was the biggest blow.

Beautiful girl very early began to attract a man's looks. Due to the unintentional attention to her at the age of 16, one of the teachers was dismissed from school. After such a case, the mother decided to send Marlene to the provincial and quiet Weimar, where she began studying at the conservatory. Nevertheless, and there she managed to have an affair with the married professor. After reaching the mother of rumors, Marlene Dietrich was again resettled, but already at the Conservatoire in Berlin. However, the broken arm put an end to musical training.

Over time, she began to reflect on the theatrical career and decided to enter the famous drama school of the famous director Max Reinhardt.
However, because of a failed monologue, she did not pass the entrance exams. Nevertheless, using the connections of friends, Marlene Dietrich managed to become a "freelance student" of one of the teachers of this school.

Марлен Дитрих в фильме "Голубой ангел" Perseverance has borne fruit, and already on September 7, 1922 Marlene Dietrich had a theatrical debut, from which her acting career began. She expected many roles, but they were all small. Another resounding success was waiting for her in 1930, when on April 1 the premiere of the film "Blue Angel" was held.

Immediately after the film screening, the same angel boarded the train and rushed off to America, where she was waited with world fame, a nomination for the "Oscar" and the second film, filmed with Sternberg under the name "Morocco" .The decision to move to the United States of America was taken by Marlene Dietrich, not with her usual ease, because she left her family in her native Germany.

Romantic travel Marlene

Dietrich and Rudolph In 1922 Marlene Dietrich took part in the shooting of the film "The Triumph of Love" .She played an episodic role, but as her biography says, this did not stop the German from getting to know Rudolph Zieber, the assistant director. Despite his engagement to Joe Maya Eve, the director's daughter, Fraulein twisted a nice little romance with him. After all, she was sure that she met the person she was looking for. The marriage took place in 1923 on May 17, and a year later she gave her husband Maria a daughter.

Marriage of Rudy and Marlene Dietrich was more like a funny joke than a happy and quiet family life.
After the birth of his daughter, the sexually romantic relationship stopped, and Rudy returned to the Russian dancer Tamara Matul or Nikolayeva, with whom she spent most of her life. In 1931, they moved to Paris, where from constant abortions in the 50's, she enters a psychiatric hospital, in which she dies. Rudy will be buried with her in the course of time.

Marlene Dietrich has never been known for consistency in relation to the male sex, as her biography clearly tells. She changed men like gloves:

  • John Wayne;
  • Sternberg;
  • James Stewart;
  • Maurice Chevalier;
  • John Gilbert;
  • Remarque,
  • Douglas Fairbanks Jr.;
  • Ernest Hemingway;
  • Joseph Kennedy.

This list could be continued for a long time, because the romance started sexy Marlene Dietrich with every man who was filmed with her in the films.

Her only acquaintance had no sexual consequences only with Ernest Hemengway. For many years they corresponded and experienced platonic love.

Dietrich and Gaben The loveliest list of Marlene Dietrich was also filled with female names. In particular, she gave signs of attention to Claire Waldoff, Vera Zorina, Kay Francis and Mercedes d'Acoste

In Hollywood Marlene Dietrich arrived with one condition - to work under contract exclusively with Sternberg, but fate decreed otherwise. After a few failures, he was simply fired, and the actress was free from her obligations and started filming with other directors.

Although Marlene Dietrich also waited for failure. In 1937, she falls into the black list, which was called "cash poison", after which she was thrown out of Paramount. Since this case, she has not been removed for more than two years, because she could not tolerate avalanches of proposals for second-rate melodramas.

In 1939, after returning from Germany, she again "lives" in Hollywood. Here, Marlene Dietrich deals with the fate of French immigrants: he invites to visit and feed. After involving the States in the war, the actress sold the bonds of the military loan, collecting an astounding sum for the needs of the army. In wartime, she meets the love of her life - Jean Gaben.

When he joined the army of Gobben, Marlene Dietrich went with him to fight.

She spoke to the soldiers, slept with them in some trenches in the concert brigade, and washed by melted snow, led off lice and almost died of pneumonia. For his work, Marlene Dietrich was awarded the French Order of the Legion of Honor and the American Medal of Freedom.

After the war, Marlene Dietrich went to Gaben, who was living in Paris at the time. There they starred together in two unsuccessful pictures and, probably, because of this course of events, their relations began to fall apart.

Marlene Dietrich in the Service Jean Gaben was very jealous of his Marlene and often raised her hand and, apparently, not without reason.

Gaben really wanted to have a real family. He dreamed of children, and Marlene Dietrich believed that she was too old for such steps, especially becoming a mother. Their ways diverged in 1947, when Marlene Dietrich was asked to act in Hollywood. She leaves Jean without hesitation.

Gaben himself marries Dominic Fourier - a young mannequin, which reminded him very much of his Marlene. He began a happy marriage, and fate gave a pair of three children. Nevertheless, until the end of his days he left in the heart of the insult to his one and only love. He refused any meetings with Marlene Dietrich.

Gaben left this world a few months after Rudy's death in 1976.At such a terrible event, Marlene Dietrich reacted with the following words: "I became a widower for the second time" .

Even the age did not stop it

Marlene Dietrich in his mature years The end of the 40's and early 50's in the film industry was marked by a decline in filming, and Marlene Dietrich herself began to creep old age. She more often made romances with men younger than her 10 or even 15 years. She never had any money. After all, she spent her fees on the maintenance of relatives, helping friends. Especially large sums went to charity.

In the mid-1930s it was Marlene Dietrich who earned simply astronomical sums and was the most highly paid among herself.

The Sorrows and Joys of Creative Life

Dietrich Surprisingly, Marlene Dietrich felt great in the United States of America, in France, but not in her native Germany. Here she was called a traitor and traitor. Marlene Dietrich's performances were accompanied everywhere by posters with a "suggestion" to go home.

Despite the mood of compatriots, the actress managed to reverse the course of history in her favor. In Munich, during the tour, Marlene Dietrich, through the expanse of her homeland, was summoned 62 times on the stage for an encore. However, Marlene Dietrich could not dream of peace in her native country because of the situation that developed around her name. She always spoke bitterly of Germany, because she lost not only her beloved country, but her native language.

The duration of the concert activity of Marlene Dietrich was more than two decades. Old age took her down when she could and wanted to work.

Marlene Dietrich suffered from leg disease. For the sake of recovery, she quit smoking, but this did not save her from frequent falls.
The latter occurred in 1975 in Sydney on September 29, where Marlene received an open fracture of her leg.

In the United States, Marlene Dietrich was in the same hospital with her "own" Rudy, who was dying of a heart attack. However, to see them more so and was not destined. Later, her personal secretary commented on the rapid aging of Marlene Dietrich, indicating that along with Rudy, the career of the great actress also died.

Everything is closer to the fateful date

Marlene in a suit For more than fifteen years, Marlene Dietrich has spent in full seclusion in her apartment in Paris on the Avenue Montaigne. The disease laid her on the bed, and the actress practically did not get up from her. Marlene Dietrich did not accept almost anyone, because she did not want to see her sick and old in this state. Exceptions were only the closest relatives.

All this time, the already elderly Marlene Dietrich gave herself to reading letters from fans, watching TV, and spending a lot of time at the phone for conversations. Her bills for communication were at least three thousand dollars every month. With the help of the phone, Marlene Dietrich tried to get involved in political life, calling to Reagan or Gorbachev.

To somehow make ends meet, Marlene Dietrich wrote memoirs and recorded records. Nevertheless, any of her memories put frailin in a very favorable light, where she acted as an obedient and educated German girl. About her amorous adventures, not even a word was mentioned in any of her work. Probably, that's why they did not even represent the slightest interest for anyone.

Despite the serious age, in 1978, Marlene Dietrich withdrew in the film "The Last Gigolo" , performing a small role and for the last time.
Five years after this event, Maximilian Shell decides to withdraw a documentary about Marlene Dietrich, but she refused to take photos not only to photograph, but also to tell something about herself.

Closer to the evening, when Marlene drank her favorite tea with cognac, being fully confident that the microphone is no longer working, the actress began her long stories. From such films, which were visualized by excerpts from her old films and the picture was mounted, was nominated as a result on the "Oscar" .

The mystery of the death of

Marlene Dietrich in old age May 6, 1992 at the age of 90 Marlene Dietrich dies. At this date, and ends with her biography. In the church during the burial service, the coffin of the actress was covered by the French flag, then the US flag was placed on it, and in Berlin it was covered with German. The grave of Marlene Dietrich is in Schoeneberg, where her ashes rest near the ashes of her mother.

The death of the actress did not provoke even the slightest suspicion, but, after 10 years, the secretary Norma Bosque shed light on her death. She said that the cause of death was not a heart attack, but suicide. Another bleeding in the brain completely deprived her of the opportunity to live without help. Money for the nurse did not have an actress, but she refused flatly to move to a nursing home. Therefore, I took a lethal dose of sleeping pills.

Many secrets are shrouded in the biography of the great Marlene Dietrich. Some facts began to open after her death, but much remained a mystery.