The most famous top model in the fashion world

Lara Stone with apple Lara Stone is a world-famous model whose fees reach fabulous sums. She is a frequent visitor to various fashion shows and a favorite of glossy publications, which in every way praise her appearance and talent.

The top model is the most in demand in the world.


  • General information about the model
  • On the road to the stars
  • Big changes
  • On the wave of popularity
  • Personal life of the catwalk star

General information about the model

Lara Stone has a height of 178 cm, weighs 56 kg. The parameters of her figure are 84-60-89.

Top model in childhood and now The future star was born in Denmark on December 20, 1983.Her father was an Englishman, and her mother was Dutch. For a long time Lara lived a normal life, not building any plans for a career on the podium, but fate decided otherwise. At age 14, his father decided to show his daughter the sights of Paris and brought her to the capital of fashion. There was a meeting that completely turned the life of a young girl.

Everything happened trite and unexpected: in the metro Lara, who had a fragile physique and high growth, saw a model agent.

He invited her to devote her life to the catwalk, and she accepted it.

On the way to the stars

The fatal meeting changed the life of the girl. Lara Stone realized what she really wanted, and began to go to her goal. At the age of 15 she took part in the Elite Model Look, a world-famous contest. Defile did not bring victory, but it is noticed as one of the most colorful participants.

Fifteen-year-old Lara The opinions of the experts were divided, since not all the features of the model corresponded to the classical parameters. Critics have identified the shape of the legs, a specific gait, a chipping between the teeth. All these shortcomings served her well - in the course of time they became her zest, the card on which Lara instantly recognized and isolated from the crowd.

The fate was supportive and after the show Lara was able to set foot on the first stage of her career: she accepted an offer of cooperation with Elite Model Management. She dedicated this agency 7 years, working on conscience and gaining experience.

Big changes

In 2006, Lara Stone broke off relations with Elite and signed a contract with IMG Models, an agency with a world-famous name. Thanks to him, she became famous.

The first invitation she received from Ricardo Tishi and opened his autumn-winter show Givenchy. Defile was a huge success - after it an avalanche showered offers from the most famous companies, among them:

  • Miu Miu;
  • Lanvin;
  • Chanel;
  • Prada;
  • Marc Jacobs, etc.

Stone on the cover of Vogue Lara Stone interested many photographers and perfumers. The face of its brands was made by Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss, Givenchy and others.

Photographers with a worldwide reputation are fighting for the right to work with the model. The most famous of them are Steven Mazel, J├╝rgen Teller and Steven Klein. The result was Lara's photos in the most fashionable and well-known magazines. Most of all she was interested in Vogue magazine. Lara Stone became his favorite, for which the editors allocated a whole issue.

There were also "studs".Kathy Horin, a fashion critic from The New York Times, spoke of her as an "anti-model."This was due to the unusual nature of Lara Stone, her special appearance and gait.

The latter has a logical explanation: the fact is that the size of Lara's foot is very small for her growth - 37.5.Shoes for models are sewn at least by the size more, but because to keep on high uncomfortable heels, the girl always had to go a little unnaturally.

Fear of falling chased Lara, like a nightmare. In 2007, the fashion house Givenchy made a gift to the girl - she was pleased with the shoes of the size suitable for her.

Model in the city Anyway, Lara Stone did not leave anyone indifferent: she admired someone, someone - outraged. All this only increased its popularity. As a result, New York Magazine put it on the second line of the top ten models, which should be noted.

James Scully, a casting agent who determines the list of models participating in the best shows, spoke of Lara as an unusual girl. According to him, she is one of those women who make an indelible impression on others, but does not know the power of her sexuality.

On the wave of popularity of

In 2009, on the shooting of the Pirelli calendar, Lara Stone posed next to such well-known models as:

  • Malgosia Bela;
  • Mariakarla Boskono;
  • Daria Verbova;
  • by Eanuela de Paula;
  • Isabeli Fontana.

In the same 2009 Lara became a girl from the cover of the magazine Vogue Paris, which placed it in 30 of the best models of two thousand.

Advertising of Prada perfume The next year the model became the new face of Prada perfumes "Infusion d'Iris", replacing Sasha Pivovarov. The shooting was made by the famous photographer Steven Meisel. Having an unusual appearance, Lara Stone introduced fashion to blondes with lush lips and a shaving between the teeth. Popular models were such as Lindsey Vickson and May Jagger.

Lara Stone is known for being able to sign an exclusive contract with Calvin Klein Inc. Fashion House for the first time in many years decided to use for three of its brands one model, which was the 26-year-old Lara.

At the end of the season, the girl received the British Fashion Awards in the Model of the Year 2010 nomination, which gave her hope for a public recognition of

. Lara Stone went down in history by appearing on the cover of the Vogue release, timed to the famous wedding of Prince William with Catherine Middleton.

May 2010 was marked by the debut of Lara Stone in the list of the most highly paid models of the world. She was expected to be in seventh place with an income of 4.5 million dollars. In 2012, she entered the 10-ku, finishing 8th in the list with an income of 3.8 million.

Personal life of the podium star

Lara Stone Lara met her future husband in the autumn of 2009.They became the British comedian David Walliams. Less than a year passed, and in May 2010 the couple was married. The bride's gorgeous beauty dress was designed by one of the most talented fashion designers of the time - Ricardo Tishi. In 2013, lovers got the hope to become the parents of the coveted first-born. Favorite son Alfred Walliams was born in early May.

Lara Stone rightfully earned her happiness: she worked hard, believed in herself, sought success. This did not stop her from being a real woman, who dreams of realizing in the role of mother and wife.