Life and work of the famous top model and TV presenter Natalia Vodyanova

The face of Natalia The world-famous model Natalia Vodianova, having passed the thorny path to fame, once again showed a vivid example of how much can be achieved. The main thing is to have the desire and make a lot of efforts. Having achieved incredible heights in his career and became famous for the whole world as a single-minded, versatile personality and exemplary mother, Natalya became an imitation for many girls. And today we will open the veil and tell more about the life of the famous top model. You can find out why and how Natalia Vodyanova managed to achieve such heights, whose biography interests a huge number of people.

Beautiful, intelligent, successful, sexy and at the same time caring and loving mother Natalia Vodianova is called "Russian Cinderella".She created her own life with her own hands, breaking out of the Russian heartland and becoming one of the brightest representatives of the modeling business.


  • Childhood and youth model
  • How did the modeling career begin?
  • Life, career and creativity
  • Model in the role of leading
  • Own business

Childhood and youth of model

Vodyanova in childhood "Cinderella" of Russian model business Natalia Vodyanova was born on February 28,She was born in a family residing in Nizhny Novgorod, which under the USSR bore the name of Gorky. Her mother Larisa Gromova and father Mikhail Vodyanov after the birth of the girl lived in marriage for two more years. Then the father left the family, and the girl grew up without a father.

But she was not the only child in the family, because her mother still married twice. So Natalia had younger sisters - Oksana( suffering from childhood a severe form of autism) and Christina. Childhood in the future model was quite complicated. The family lived more than modestly, and her mother barely made ends meet. Therefore, 11-year-old Natasha went to work in the market. She helped her mother sell fruit.

Missing classes at school, she spent days on the market and dragged 30 kilogram boxes.
However, progress was not observed for the better: the study went bad, the financial situation did not improve. The girl did not manage to achieve a position in society.

Therefore, 15-year-old Natasha decides to leave home to start a new life. Since then, the biography of the famous Vodianova Natalia is beginning to gain momentum.

How did the modeling career begin?

Vodyanova with Vasilyev The attractive appearance of the model is one of the key secrets of her successful career. Many argue that against the backdrop of the many compliments that were still working on the market, Natalia Vodianova received from her customers, she thought about the career of the model. It is from the vegetable market in the city of Nizhny Novgorod, where the celebrity came from, and the way to the heights began.

Biography Vodyanova Natalia Mikhailovna developed more or less successfully. Having got to the age of 16 at the eyes of Andrei Vasiliev, the famous photographer from Moscow, the girl got her "lucky ticket".Vasiliev, working in the modeling agency Chkalova Eugene, immediately drew attention to the eccentric and attractive Natasha. He was just picking up new faces and decided to attract Natalia, who came to the casting in a skirt converted from her grandmother's dress. Since then, Vodyanova has created her own biography on her own.

Natalya Vodyanova In the agency "Eugene" the girl was recommended to study English. Taking advantage of this council, Natalia got an opportunity to take part in international model competitions. Due to his external knowledge and knowledge of a foreign language, the Russian Cinderella gets a chance to participate in the model competition from the agency "Madison".This competition was held on the eve of the new year 2000 in Paris.

This fashion week is over for the girl very well. After taking the second place in the competition, she also received an invitation from the German magazine "Elle" to take photos. Then there were a lot of new contracts that provided the model glory. For example, in the capital of fashion, Vodyanova managed to work with many famous designers and fashion magazines. Natalia's biography is full of such names as:

  • Valentino;Natalia in advertising
  • Calvin Klein;
  • Yves Saint Laurent;
  • Ralph Lauren;
  • Christian Dior;
  • Donna Karan;
  • Mark Jacobs;
  • Jean Paul Gaultier;
  • Lee Alexander McQueen;
  • Balenciaga and others.

Among other things, Vodianova's participation in the advertising companies of world brands is also noted in the description of her life.

Photosessions with Natalia were held for companies such as Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Diane von Furstenberg, Gerlain, Kenzo, Gucci.
Around the same time, L'Oreal Paris company offered the Russian beauty to become the "face" of the brand. And then a similar proposal to the girl made a fashion house Calvin Klein. And in 2003, the Russian Cinderella becomes not only a "face", but also the "body" of the world-famous brand.

Next, the top model was expected no less pleasant events, thanks to which her biography became brighter, and she Vodyanova acquired incredible fame both in the expanses of her homeland, and internationally.

Life, career and creativity

Natalia and Portman In parallel with the growing glory of the Russian beauty, the personal life of the model was also being adjusted. The first months in the capital of fashion did not pass without a trace: closed parties, profitable proposals for work, acquaintance with famous personalities, among whom Cinderella from Russia met her "prince".

At one of the Parisian parties Natalia Vodyanova gets acquainted with the artist and collector of paintings by Justin Portman. At that time, none of them had any idea what would happen to this meeting.33-year-old Justin, aristocrat and creative personality, the next evening after the meeting called Natalya and invited for the first date. Intrigued beauty from the Russian hinterland agreed to a meeting. So began her love story, which resulted in wonderful children.

Natalia with her daughter Neva Justin and Natalia practically did not leave after acquaintance. The enamored artist accompanied the girl in almost all photography. So, in the beginning of 2001, they together went to Africa, where the next shooting of the top model took place. Returning from there, soon the lovers become new parents. The first child was a boy named Lucas Alexander. And although the first pregnancy and childbirth were complicated, this did not affect the appearance and figure of the model. Returning to work after 1.5 months after the birth of Lucas, Vodianova continued to tour and attend the world podiums.

After a while the Russian Cinderella receives a proposal of the hand and heart from the chosen one. The wedding is scheduled for September 2002.

The celebration took place in the Throne Room of the Great Petersburg Palace, where, in honor of the wedding of the world celebrity Vodianova and the second son of Viscount Edward Portman Justin, even the fountains were turned on.
Now the model on the set will be accompanied by a beloved husband and a young son.

Наталья в фильме "Прекрасная дама" In the future, the career and life of the model are closely intertwined. In 2005, Natalia and her husband are engaged in organizing a charity fund, called "Naked Hearts".The specialization of the organization includes the creation for the younger generation of Russia of various park and children's playgrounds. The Foundation's activities covered the entire territory of the Federation. And thanks to his support, the number of sites for children increases every year.

In 2006, Vodyanova gives birth to a daughter. Justin and Natalia decide to call her the Neva. In connection with the birth of a second child, the model began to reflect on the completion of a career. However, before the birth of Victor's younger son in 2007, she still goes to the podium, signs a contract with the French brand Etam, specializing in the manufacture of underwear and even begins to appear in films.

Natalia and Antoine Arnault The first film, in which Natalya Vodyanova decided to try herself as an actress, was the picture "Agent" Dragonfly ", shot back in 2001.In it, the model played the secondary role of the beautiful Brigitte. The next cinematic line with the participation of Vodyanova was "Cork".This painting was shot by the director Alexander Kott and was released in 2008.The next role of the famous top model was the Gorgon from the "Battle of the Titans", released on the screens in 2010.A year before that, the Russian Cinderella has become the host at the international Eurovision Song Contest, and in 2012 she is in the next film called "The Beautiful Lady".

Though the model career is thriving, on the personal front of Natasha's loss. In 2011, they part with Justin.
Divorce and paperwork took a lot of time and energy from both. For a long time, they could not reach a compromise with Portman. But in 2012 the world model business star gets acquainted with the son of one of the richest people in the world Barnard Arno Antoine. At the moment they live together in Paris and are considered one of the most effective and secretive couples.

Model as the leading

Natalia on the teleproject Voice It was mentioned earlier that the biography of Vodianova Natalia contains facts about her role as a leader. The first contest, in which the Russian Cinderella appeared in a new role for her, was the semifinal of Eurovision. This song contest was held in Moscow in 2009.On the stage, Natalia worked in tandem with an equally bright personality, Andrei Malakhov.

The next performance of the model business star is the project "Voice. Children".Natalia participated in the filming of this TV show along with the lead and actor Dmitry Nagiyev.

Natalia in the Pirelli calendar's own business In addition, since 2005 Natalia Vodyanova is a co-founder of the "Naked Heart" charity fund, the top model continues to amaze its fans. She participates in promotions and charitable companies. A striking example is the assistance to the victims after the flood in the Krasnodar Territory.

In addition, in 280 stores located in Russia, you can find the line developed by Natalya Vodyanova for children's shoes. This collection was released in conjunction with the popular Centro brand.

At the moment, a beautiful and successful large-scale Natalia Vodianova fruitfully works in a new field.
So, for example, she participated in shooting a new calendar for 2015 from the famous brand Pirelli. The charming Vodyanova became Miss February.

Natalia Vodyanova, the world's top model, has gone through a difficult journey under the slogan "I'm used to fighting and surviving" .And until now, it is under the camera's reach, remaining for millions of fans an idol.